Growing Community Gardens for Seniors

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Community gardens are springing up around the United States, giving people of all ages an opportunity to come together and plant foods and flowers that offer numerous benefits to the community. These patches of land in towns and cities rely on citizens to plant and tend to crops and gardens. Not only do they reduce carbon footprint, increase local property values, and give area residents access to fresh, nutritious produce -- they also offer some pretty specific health benefits to seniors who take part in these programs. A... Click to Read More

Caring for Disabled Veterans

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Over the course of their service, veterans may be physically and emotionally strained in ways that most people can only imagine.  Whether enduring combat, encountering disease, or being exposed to chemicals and noise, being a veteran means that your loved one has been tried and tested. Unfortunately, even those who left their service without apparent physical injuries may go on to discover a disability later in life. Fortunately, it’s possible to ensure these heroes can continue to live dignified lives despite of the sacrifices they’ve made. Living with Post-Traumatic... Click to Read More

The Importance of Sexual Health for Seniors

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The Importance of Sexual Health for Seniors With the many advances in health care, people are living longer, healthier and more active lives. While such positive trends are definitely good news, they also contribute to additional health concerns for older individuals — especially when it comes to sexual health. Here, we’ll examine current trends in senior sexual health, the importance of education, and why it’s essential for health care providers, public health professionals and families to address this critical issue. Current Trends In a 2013 gathering of the American Sexual Health... Click to Read More

New Findings on Brain Plaques and Alzheimer’s

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If you have a loved one who suffers from Alzheimer's, you know just how damaging the disease can be. It can be difficult to watch a senior in your life lose their memory and their sense of self. You may feel that there is nothing you can do to help or slow down the process. While it may seem that all hope is lost, there are new medications and studies on Alzheimer's that are giving new hope to those who suffer from it. New Drugs for Alzheimer's Patients For years... Click to Read More

Choosing Our Exit

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A few days after our friend Jim’s* funeral, my husband and I took Helen*, his widow, out for lunch. Jim’s death was not easy. He had suffered through years of treatment for cancer that had started in his lungs and spread throughout his body. When I asked  Helen how long he’d been in hospice, I was stunned when she said, “Four days.” She must have read the surprise on my face, as she quickly added, “He refused to accept that he was dying, and whenever I tried to talk... Click to Read More

Navigating Difficult Discussions with Aging Parents

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Navigating Difficult Discussions with Aging Parents Taking care of an aging parent can be a difficult task. We all want our parents to be happy and comfortable, but that can be hard with the challenges of aging. As we age, sometimes stubbornness becomes a more significant part of our personality. Below are some ways to navigate difficult, but necessary conversations with seniors who you’re caring for. Insurance Most people don’t like talking about money, especially if they’re relying on other people for financial, emotional, or physical support. As a caregiver, it’s... Click to Read More

What You Need for Live-In Overnight Home Care

When it is time to consider more than companion care, then it is time for live-in overnight home care, but before you take this step there are a few things you need to have in place before bringing someone into your home. What You Need for Your Overnight Caregiver: Practical Aspects Before you have someone come to your home to provide overnight care for your loved one, be sure to have a few things ready for their arrival: A Room of One’s Own: First, and most importantly, you will need to... Click to Read More

Brain Injury in Seniors: Warning Signs to Watch For

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Regardless of your age, the leading cause of brain injury is the same: suffering a fall. But because about one-third of seniors will fall every year, seniors are at a much higher risk for a traumatic brain injury. Even without sustaining injuries from a fall, having suffered a couple blows to the head over a lifetime can take a toll on a person. Even a minor brain injury is still a brain injury, and all brain injuries can put you at risk later in life. That’s why it’s... Click to Read More

Breast Cancer in Men Over 50: What You Need to Know

Regardless of your gender, every person is born with some breast tissue. While men develop less breast tissue than women, the fact men have any at all means they’re vulnerable to breast cancer. While nearly one in eight women will face breast cancer over the course of their lives, a man’s risk of breast cancer is closer to one in 1,000. That may sound encouraging, but lowered risk has also meant lowered awareness of breast cancer for men, which can lead to a delayed diagnosis and a less... Click to Read More

Breast Cancer: 3 Different Types of Mastectomies Women Should Know About

Breast Cancer Awareness Concept.
Breast Cancer: 3 Different Types of Mastectomies Women Should Know About If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer there is a chance you may require a mastectomy. While most women are familiar with the concept of a full or partial mastectomy there are actually several different types of mastectomies that you should be aware of before you and your doctor make a decision about what is best for you. Types of Mastectomies The traditional mastectomy removes the central breast skin. This includes the areola and nipple as well as the... Click to Read More
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