seniors and holiday gifts2Today is Black Friday, the day when hordes of people swarm their local malls in an attempt to score great deals and cross things off their holiday shopping lists. Even if you’re one of these go-getters, you might have a blank spot on your gift list: What to get for Grandma and Grandpa?

Shopping for grandparents can be really tough: it seems like they have everything!

Here are some ideas of sure-fire gifts they’ll love:

A photo album

There’s nothing Grandma and Grandpa like more than looking through photos of the grandkids. Use an online service such as Blurb to create an album of all their favorite photos. If they already have plenty of pictures of the grandkids, consider gathering their old family photos to create an album that encompasses generations of memories.

A webcam

If there are many miles separating your family from the grandparents, consider giving Grandma and Grandpa a webcam and downloading Skype on their home computer. Make sure to show them how to use it the next time you’re at their house. They’ll love being able to talk to their grandkids face-to-face with the touch of a button.

A photo printer

Grandma loves taking photos, but has a hard time remembering how to get the photos from the camera to the computer and then the printer. Streamline the process with a photo printer that allows her to print photos directly from the camera.

A wine opener

Uncorking a bottle can be tough, especially for older hands. Help Grandma and Grandpa enjoy their evening glass of red wine with this wine opener, which removes the cork without twisting or tugging.

A classic TV show

Many classic shows are now available as boxed DVD sets. Let Grandma and Grandpa relive their favorite old show with a boxed DVD set of the whole season or even series!

Photo gifts

Personalize plates, cups, an iPhone case, or even a woven throw blanket with cherished family photos using an online photo service. Putting a family photos on Grandma or Grandpa’s coffee mug is sure to brighten their mornings.

Personalized art or jewelry

Browse sellers on Etsy and find someone who can create a custom family tree print, or charm bracelet with all of the grandkids’ initials.

Get a jump on Christmas shopping for Grandma and Grandpa this year — it could take some time to find the perfect gift! If all else fails, remember that they’ll love anything, as long as it’s from the grandkids!

Whats the best gift you got for your grandparents? Share in the comments below.