Driving & Aging InfographicTo recognize Older Driver Safety Awareness Week in December, Griswold Home Care would like to share best-practice, action-oriented tools and resources for older adults and family caregivers who are making difficult decisions related to driving. There are many older adults who are excellent drivers. However, aging can cause changes that impact driving safety. The good news is that occupational therapists have the training and expertise to assess driving skills, consider adaptive equipment and recommend alternate transportation options if driving is a concern. There are also live courses, driving centers and online resources that can help older adults to evaluate and improve their driving skills.

Driving is a key aspect of independence for older adults, so the decision to stop driving is very emotional for both the older adult and their family caregivers. The infographic below can help older adults, family caregivers and healthcare providers to understand driving challenges, evaluate driving skills and develop a plan that drives independence and quality of life. This infographic also offers proven tools and guidelines that support informed decisions and positive outcomes.

Aging & Driving Infographic

 For more information, please review our Aging & Driving Resources.

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