January is National Bath Safety Month. Griswold Home Care is committed to educating seniors and their loved ones on how to avoid dangerous slip and fall situations, especially in the bathroom.

View our infographic and SlideShare below for more information. Feel free to share these helpful graphics with friends, family, and loved ones!

(click infographic to enlarge)

bath safety infographic and statistics

Do you have tips on how to make your bathroom safer for seniors? Share in the comments below!

For more information, please review our Bath Safety Resources.

  • Fiona Hudson

    Have found the Myco Swivel Bath Chair brilliant for easy bathing of my 90 yo mother – locks in position for easy loading and unloading, etc – stable in the bath – and legs adjust automatically to fit a narrow bath. And much easier for her than having to slide across on a bath table

  • http://www.accessibleconstruction.com Jeff W

    All great points, and most of them don’t cost much money for the added safety. An Anti-Scald device on the shower knob can prevent burns work great. A chair for inside the tub or shower is safer than standing and it can be used with a hand-held shower head.

  • http://www.teakworks4u.com Todd H

    And of course, just because it’s about safety doesn’t mean it has to have that unattractive, cold, hospital appearance. Teakworks4u.com has beautiful teak bathmats and ADA benches for inside and outside the tub or shower that look great and are slip-resistant.

    Thanks for the well put together infographic as well.