family caregiverHappy Tuesday in beautiful February!  We know those who are part of the ‘Sandwich Generation’ are stuck in the middle of taking care of their kids and managing their own lives, while selflessly taking care of their parents and even senior grandparents at the same time.

We love seniors, and we love those who have a passion for assisting the elderly in any assisted living, home care, home health, or nursing home setting. However, home health aides and even the informal caregiver who assist the elderly often struggle with managing their own lives; finding time to do the basics such as shopping for household items suddenly becomes a challenge. That’s why Griswold Home Care would like to link any moms and family caregivers to a Free 3-month Prime membership. With Amazon Prime you’ll receive free 2 day shipping on any items and exclusive discounts on household items that you order every day. What’s in it for us? Nothing except knowing you might save a little time and money while you balance your caregiver roles. 

Thanks to all the caregivers out there – we wouldn’t be who we are today without you. 

If you have a great story about a family caregiver that you’d like to share, please do so in the comments below!