Elderly Home Safety

The safety of your loved one’s home is crucial. You not only want him or her to feel safe, but you also want the peace of mind that this person is safe. With 7 simple security measures, your loved one’s home is transformed into a safe home:

  • Bathroom – This is the place where most at-home accidents occur. Non-skid mats, shower chairs and raised toilet seats are excellent ideas to prevent accidents. Check out a previous blog post dedicated to bathroom safety.
  • Fire Alarms – Install fire alarms that flash and beep for those who are hard of seeing and/or hearing.
  • Area Rugs – Loose rugs are decorative, but not always safe. It’s very easy for them to get bunched up and become tripping hazards.

  • Ramps or Rails – If not in place already, consider adding a ramp or rails at the entrance of your loved one’s home.
  • Lights – Make sure each room has plenty of light! Light switches just inside the entrance of each room are preferable, but if that’s not possible, install large, battery-operated lights that affix with light adhesive to the walls and are controlled by tapping the surface. Nightlights in hallways, especially from the bedroom to the bathroom, are very helpful.
  • Bright Tape or Paint – Apply bright fluorescent tape to the edges of steps and raised thresholds so that they will be easier to see. Don’t be hesitant to paint fluorescent markers on the dials of the stove so your loved one is able to tell if they are turned on or off.
  • Emergency Communication – Some form of life alert system, or even a cell phone or pager, is a necessary precaution in case of an emergency. Print out a list of emergency contacts with large numbers, too.

But what about if your loved one comes to visit you for a few days? Elderly home safety means you have to make sure your home is safe, too! Check back for some tips on how to ensure your loved one has a safe stay at your home, or subscribe to the Blog on the left!

How do you make your home safe when your loved one visits you? Tell us in the comments below!