Elderly Home Safety

When you have a visitor, you want to make them feel at home. When this visitor is your elderly loved one, this also includes making them feel safe.

Here are 5 tips to prepare your home for a visit from your loved one:

  • Easy Reach – Keep all items that your loved one uses most often in an area of easy access, like a shelf or drawer in reach. Prevent any chance your loved one might try to stand on a chair or uneven surface to reach something!
  • Temperature – Because your loved one has an older circulatory system, he or she may feel cold easier and more often than others in your house. Make sure you have extra blankets and sweaters. If possible, turn the thermostat up a bit.

  • De-Clutter – Put away the clutter! Any toys, games, shoes or other belongings that are lying around are potential trip hazards. Make sure all members of your family, especially children, understand the danger that these stray items pose.
  • Dangerous Chemicals – Make sure any household chemicals are locked up safely. Your loved one may mistake a dangerous substance for mouthwash or shampoo, so just leaving them under the sink isn’t the safest option.
  • Prescriptions – Keep family prescriptions in a separate place from your loved one’s so they don’t get mixed up!

When it comes to your loved one’s home, or your home when he or she visits, a happy home is a safe home.

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