February is a great time to think about your heart. Not only is it the month in which we celebrate love and romance, it’s also American Heart Month.

But sadly, many of us give the hearts in our Valentine’s Day cards more thought than we do the hearts in our bodies.

View our SlideShare and infographic below for senior heart health tips.

infographic five heart health tips for seniors

  • Regina Peterson

    My dad has lived with me for the past couple of years. His heart is in pretty bad shape, but I can’t get him to start exercising. What are some easy exercises that I could have him do?

  • Ashley Reed

    I’ve been thinking about my heart health lately, and how I haven’t done much for it. I’m starting to get older, and I’m seeing the effects of my reckless childhood. I can’t go back in time and change what I’ve done, but I can improve the way I treat my body now. Thanks for all the great information, this has been very helpful.