Cathy Howard (R) and Randy Lee Griffin celebrate at a rebranding event in Connecticut.This year marks Griswold Home Care’s 30th anniversary of excellence and leadership in the home care industry. All of us here at Griswold Home Care are very excited to celebrate this milestone and are grateful for everyone who has made this accomplishment possible. We are proud to announce that we are celebrating our success with a rebranding initiative including a new brand name, a new logo, and redesigned website.

The new positioning of the Griswold Home Care brand will better reflect the amazing service and care we provide to families across the country.  

At the cornerstone of our rebranding effort is an exciting name change. This month, our brand name will officially transition from Griswold Special Care to Griswold Home Care. We feel that this name more accurately emphasizes our home care services as well as our industry. The new name is also accompanied by a sleek new logo. This logo is an updated version of the past logo, a fusion of a house and a heart, and continues to embody our mission statement of compassionate home care.

Griswold Home Care President Graham Weihmiller states that, “our rebranded name and logo better communicate the core services we offer to clients and families while highlighting our focus on safe and independent living.”

In addition to the rebranded name and logo, a fully redesigned website has been launched under the Griswold Home Care name. This new website is an educational resource, providing information to guide seniors and families through the process of selecting home care and caring for aging loved ones.

The rebranding initiative is an opportunity to reconnect with our mission statement and core values while also enhancing our presence in the home care industry. We would like to thank everyone involved in making Griswold Home Care one of the best non-medical home care providers in the nation.

When our founder, Jean Griswold, started her home care business in 1982 in Erdenheim, Pennsylvania, it was a just a small grassroots volunteer organization. Today, Griswold Home Care has grown to include over 180 territories and franchise locations nationwide!

Griswold Home Care offices are celebrating the rebrand with clients and community leaders throughout the summer. Last week, Cathy Howard (pictured above, right), owner of the Griswold Home Care of Stratford, CT, celebrated with a cocktail party and dinner for Griswold partners and community leaders throughout Fairfield County. Randy Lee Griffin, RN MS HNC (pictured above, left), author of Changing the Culture for Dementia Care, spoke at the event.
“Community Based Services are a critical component to quality of care and quality of life for independent living for seniors. The rebrand will bring an added awareness of the services Griswold Home Care provides,” said Griffin.

Although there are a lot of exciting new changes happening at Griswold Home Care, our commitment to providing the best quality home care to seniors and families across the nation at an affordable cost remains unchanged.