Sandwich Generation WebinarTo honor National Sandwich Generation Month, we’ve decided to analyze the Sandwich Generation concept from a more holistic perspective. The challenges for family caregivers are overwhelming and well documented. We found that little attention has been given to the challenges for young adult children and aging parents who are living in the Sandwich Generation.  Most sandwich generation publications focus primarily on the needs and challenges of the family caregiver. Do all parties realize that they are all going through a simultaneous transition? If so, would this be a source of strength and promote coming together as a family unit? Review the infographic below for a more visual representation of the impact of the Sandwich Generation on the entire family unit, along with strategies that drive positive outcomes and successful cross-generation family transition.

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Sandwich Generation Infographic

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  • Rea Ginsberg

    Well done…as are virtually the offerings of Griswold. Thanks.

  • Breeda Miller

    I am a humorous speaker with a message for caregivers. I help caregivers find (or re-gain) their sense of humor as they deal with the stresses of coping as a caregiver in the Sandwich Generation. My website is still under consctruction but you may be interested in viewing my short youtube story about how I helped my mother at the end of her life – and managed to find humor in the process. Breeda Miller Ticket to Heaven on Youtube. I hope you like it.

    • Frieda Moseley

      Brenda, thank you for sharing your sweet video. What a wonderful memory!