Keeping Seniors Safe Outdoors This WinterWinter weather conditions create a number of hazardous conditions that impact senior health and wellbeing. Keeping the following tips in mind will help you and your aging family members weather the winter safe and intact.

Proper Footwear
Icy conditions increase the likelihood of dangerous slips and falls that may result in fractures or other internal injuries. Therefore, it’s important for seniors to have the proper footwear to help them stay warm and maintain balance. Insulated boots and shoes with good tread and non-slip soles will help elderly individuals safely navigate icy or snowy streets and sidewalks.

Dress In Layers
Just as it’s important for children to bundle up against the winter weather, as we age and blood circulation naturally decreases, it helps to add an extra layer or two to protect against the cold.

Shoveling & Salting
Keeping driveways and outdoor walkways clear of ice and snow is especially important for seniors. Consider hiring a snow and ice removal service or asking neighbors for assistance maintaining your elderly loved one’s property this winter.

Canes & Walkers
Canes, walkers and other senior assistive walking equipment and devices should be properly maintained. Be sure to replace all rubber tips or covers as soon as wear becomes evident. Also, be sure to dry the bottoms of these devices once indoors as they can become slippery when wet and present a significant potential fall hazard.

Have you or a loved one used the above tips in order to stay safe? Share your winter safety tips with us in the comments below, we would love to hear from you!