Memory Improvement Tips For Seniors: Mental ExerciseThe final, and perhaps most important, tip in this week’s memory improvement series is: Get Plenty of Mental Exercise!

Even if your physical condition no longer permits you to get around as easily as you once did, there’s no reason your mind can’t stay as strong and sharp as ever. All it takes is regular practice. So instead of sitting down in front of the television, consider putting your mind to work on one or more of the following brain-building activities:

Read a book.
Choose a genre or topic that interests you but falls outside of your usual reading patterns and comfort zones. Studies show that by learning new things, we strengthen different areas of the brain and create new connections that improve memory function across the board.

Put together a jigsaw puzzle.
Take one good long look at the picture on the front of the box and hold onto it. Now hide the box away somewhere you won’t be tempted to look at it again. Try to reconstruct the pieces of the puzzle without going back to the original picture for reference. This puts your memory to the test at the same time as you are sharpening your overall mental processes.

Work on a crossword or sudoku.
Puzzles like these require you to make new associations between words while reinforcing old patterns. This exercises your memory in a direct way at the same time as it stimulates your cognitive processes generally.

Play cards with a friend.
Not only do cards and other games help strengthen your memory and analytical abilities, they are also inherently social activities that provide encouragement and reinforcement while making otherwise challenging experiences more enjoyable.

For more games to increase memory function, take a look online. There are a number of websites currently available such as Buzzle and Play With Your Mind dedicated to improving memory function and mental acuity.

We hope you’ve found this week’s memory improvement tips helpful and, well, memorable! Be sure to stop by the Griswold Blog next week, when we will discuss precautions to take as the weather gets colder.

Have you used any of the above tips to exercise your brain, or do you have any other suggestions that work too? Please leave them in the comments below!