The Benefits and Challenges of Telemedicine for Seniors & Caregivers

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Telemedicine is gaining momentum around the world due to many factors — such as the high costs of health care, the growth of senior populations, the increasing burden of chronic disease, and a shortage of health care professionals. In a recent post, MHA@GW, an online Master of Health Administration program with the Milken Institute School of Public Health at George Washington University, outlined how telemedicine is providing new solutions that are helping to increase access to care and decrease costs by reducing the number of hospital readmissions that... Click to Read More

Heart Disease: What Your Teeth May Tell You About Your Heart

Heart health
For nearly a century, doctors have been warning their patients that being negligent about oral hygiene may lead to heart problems down the road. Although many of the mechanisms that were speculated to connect the heart and teeth have proven to be false, recent research has helped us discover more about the relationship between the two. Doctors even have some definitive answers about what your teeth can tell you about your heart. How Does Gum Disease Affect the Heart? The reason why doctors have long speculated about... Click to Read More

The Road Ahead: Driving Devices for People with AMD & Low Vision

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Many of us take our ability to drive for granted. By enabling your mobility, being able to drive can significantly improve your quality of life. Driving makes it easier to visit your friends and loved ones, find better jobs, make appointments, get involved in your community, and to be generally independent. For people suffering from age-related macular degeneration (AMD), maintaining that independence may be possible with the help of some special driving aids for macular degeneration. Low Vision Glasses Many people who suffer from reduced vision develop... Click to Read More

Why Valentine’s Day May Give Seniors Mixed Feelings

Valentine’s Day can cause mixed emotions for older adults who are single. Some may still be mourning the death of a spouse and find the holiday to be painful. Others who are divorced might feel like they just don’t have the opportunity for romantic love. With women outnumbering men later in life, some single seniors feel the odds are stacked against them. Between the ages of 60 and 64, statistic show there are 2.3 single women for every single man. By age 70, the gap has widened to 4... Click to Read More

Breaking the Barriers to Technology for Seniors

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Did you know that 59% of adults 65+ report using the Internet? That’s a drop off from the nearly 86% of all adults going online, but it is promising news that the gap between senior citizens and technology is closing. You yourself may think that the segment of elders online is just extremely savvy and nothing like your senior parent, but chances are they’re ready to be part of the digital revolution as well. By introducing your parents and technology you may find you’ve gained some valuable family... Click to Read More

Philadelphia’s St. Joseph’s University Student Wins Griswold Home Care Scholarship

Twice each year, Griswold Home Care extends the invitation to students to enter a $1,000 scholarship contest in the hopes of helping them further their educational goals. Students who participate in Griswold’s scholarship contest share their personal experiences and thoughts on the caregiving experience -- its rewards and challenges, as well as how they hope to use their education to make a positive difference in the lives of others. Griswold Home Care is pleased to announce Brianna Moyer of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as the winner of the Griswold Home Care... Click to Read More

How Will Health & Longevity Trends Affect Medicare?

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Many of us think of Social Security and Medicare as essential components of our retirement plans. We may plan for slight changes in economic conditions, but we expect some sort of support. What we don’t plan for is what we would do if Medicare or Social Security ever ran out of funds. It may happen sooner than you think. If you’re retired or planning to retire within the next ten years, you need to know that both Medicare and Social Security funds are running dangerously low. Experts project... Click to Read More

What’s Funny About Planning a Funeral?

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I would have never thought there was anything funny about planning a funeral until I went with my Aunt Jean to plan hers. My Aunt Jean has some funny quirks. She is fiercely independent, intensely private, and incredibly tight with her money. She has never had a mammogram, a pap smear, or any type of immunization. She has a sharp tongue and zero tolerance for inefficiency. If she were my mother, I might find her behavior frustrating at times. But she’s not my mom, and I find her quirks... Click to Read More

8 Reasons You Should Not Feel Guilty About Getting Care for a Loved One

Care Is At Home Of Elderly.
The decision to place an older parent in home care is a difficult one. There are many mixed emotions involved. You may feel relieved that you will finally get the help you need, but guilty you weren’t able to provide everything he or she needs. While the feelings of guilt may overpower your feelings of relief, it’s time to realize you have nothing to feel guilty about choosing home care for your loved one because there are many benefits to what you’re doing for them. ... Click to Read More

The Mental and Physical Impact of Isolation on Seniors

If a senior you love lives alone and doesn’t venture out into their community very often, researchers say they are at higher risk for developing health problems. Isolation has been identified as a serious health risk for elderly adults. While it’s easy to understand how elderly isolation leads to depression, the health risks extend beyond that. Lonely seniors experience greater incidences of cardiac disease, obesity, high blood pressure, depression and diabetes than their more engaged peers. Isolated seniors are even at higher risk for becoming a victim of fraud... Click to Read More
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