3 Reasons Why Seniors Should Strength Train & Lift Weights

Senior Older People Lifting Weights
When it comes to exercise there are plenty of misconceptions, such as if women lift weights they will look masculine and bulky, or if you don’t feel pain during your workout, you aren’t working hard enough.  Exercise as it pertains to seniors sometimes has some of the biggest misconceptions; and as a personal trainer to seniors I often hear many of them. For seniors getting into shape, I often hear how they should walk, dance, or pretty much do anything they feel like as long as it gets their... Click to Read More

Happy Thanksgiving 2015 from Griswold Home Care

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Whatever your thoughts on the historical connotations of Thanksgiving, the celebration has given us one great practice: reflecting on the blessings in our life. At Griswold Home Care, we have a lot to be thankful for, but we narrowed it down to our top three. The Griswold Home Care Team We speak from experience, because we know them all! Every single director of a Griswold Home Care location joined the organization because they have a very personal mission to help older or disabled adults. Every one of them has... Click to Read More

Move Over, Lassie, Curious George May Be the Best Therapy Animal for Seniors

Senior woman and dog
When most people think of animal therapy, they think of a therapy dog. There’s a good reason for that! After all, dogs are “man’s best friend” and they’re certainly easier to find than some of our other picks for companion animals. (We’ll get to those!) Though the bond between humans and animals is still woefully under-studied, much of the research we do have points to some real benefits of therapy animals working with physically and mentally ill individuals. A UCLA study on dementia patients who participated in therapy... Click to Read More

Family Gatherings: The Dark Side of the Holidays?

Dinner Big Family
When my husband and I met twenty years ago, he was a widower with five grown children.  I had three. Within a few months, we were head-over-heels in love and blissfully happy. We got married a year later. Eager to share our joy with our children and to create one big, happy family, we started inviting all of them to join us for every major holiday. Two years ago, after seven of our eight kids and their families were with us for Christmas, my husband plopped down in his... Click to Read More

Holiday Gift Do’s and Don’ts for Seniors

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The holiday season creeps closer with each passing day and that means another opportunity to wrack your brain for gift ideas for your loved ones.  While finding the right gift is almost always a daunting task, many people find that shopping for seniors can be particularly difficult. After all, what do you get for a person who’s had a lifetime to collect the things that they want? If you find yourself agonizing over choosing what to buy grandma for Christmas, take a look at this list of holiday gift... Click to Read More

Lung Cancer, COPD, or Emphysema? How to Tell

Man Having Pain In Chest
Because many diseases share the same symptoms, one can often disguise another, making their diagnosis and treatment more difficult. Unraveling the tangled knot of symptoms that are shared between emphysema, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and lung cancer can be particularly challenging, but also critically important. That’s because the symptoms of emphysema can easily conceal COPD, and COPD can conceal the presence of lung cancer. Although slipping from emphysema to COPD is usually not a drastic decline in health, early detection of lung cancer is critical for increasing your... Click to Read More

Diabetes and MRSA: A Dangerous Condition to Watch Out For

Mrsa Caution Sign
For the past two decades, hospitals around the globe have been battling an epidemic called methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA. There are nearly 270,000 MRSA hospitalizations every year in the United States alone. Among those hospitalized, there are nearly 20,000 deaths, making MRSA more deadly than AIDS in America. Unfortunately, many of those hospitalized include diabetics, who may be at an increased risk for contracting the disease. As numb extremities often lead to unnoticed sores, ulcers, and scrapes, MRSA is ready to take advantage of the situation. ... Click to Read More

Volunteering With Seniors: Holidays & Year Round

Male Volunteer Supporting Old Man
Can you believe we’re already nearing the end of the year? As temperatures drop and the days get shorter, many of us are beginning to research holiday volunteer opportunities for the coming months. This year why not consider volunteering with seniors? As CBS news reports, the holidays can sometimes be especially difficult for the elderly, triggering feelings of loneliness as well as sad personal reflections on people that are no longer around. By spending time with the senior population this holiday, you can help curb some of those... Click to Read More

Alzheimer’s: The Link Between Music & Memory

Excited grandmother listening music together with her granddaugh
As Alzheimer’s patient Allie places her fingers on the piano keys and begins to instinctively play a familiar song from her youth, her husband’s doctor comments that someone must have switched the sheet music for her.   “No,” her husband Noah remarks, “that she’s playing by memory.” This touching cinematic moment from The Notebook is not without ties to modern science. Links between music therapy and Alzheimer disease have been studied, and music therapy research has been promising, not just for patients, but for the well-being of loved ones and... Click to Read More

Is It Possible for Seniors to Have Friendships Like The Golden Girls?

Group Of Elderly Black And Caucasian Women Talking In Park
Any fan of The Golden Girls can instantly recognize the tune of “Thank You for Being a Friend” that helped propel the show to its iconic status in American culture today.   The show, which celebrated its 30th anniversary, is still as culturally relevant as ever, showing that life does not stop after “a certain age.” Dorothy, Blanche, Rose and Sophia were not just roommates, but best friends, sharing their home and all aspects of their lives with one another.   Their friendships were so heart-warming that,... Click to Read More