Funding In-Home Care with a Reverse Mortgage Loan

Male Nurse And Senior Woman
If you are like most senior homeowners, you fully intend to enjoy the rest of your retirement years in your home.  In the summertime, you'll be relaxing and enjoying a cool breeze and fresh beverage under the shade of your front porch.  In the wintertime, you'll be in your cozy den, surrounded by your loving family and relishing in the holiday spirit.  And in the spring, you'll be enjoying fresh flowers on your windowsill, as the wafting fragrant smell mixes with the sounds of delighted squeals from your... Click to Read More

The State of Caregiving in the US: A Closer Analysis

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Within the past two months, AARP released their comprehensive 2015 report on caregiving in the US. They looked at demographics, the number of hours family caregivers spend on average caring for a loved one, which IADLs (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living, or the necessary tasks you do every day) most caregivers helped with, how caregiving affected family caregivers working full-time, what percentage of caregivers employed some kind of home help, and a host of other aspects relating to family caregiving. We thought it would be helpful for our readers... Click to Read More

The Best Road Trips to Take with Senior Parents

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The best road trips aren’t only about the destination, it’s also the quality time you spend laughing, sharing, and creating memories. This favorite American pastime doesn’t have to end now that you have senior parents. In fact what better way to get everyone together for quality time? Read about three road trips options you and your family can take from anywhere in the country, and gain some helpful hints for senior travel. Option 1: The Day Trip Road trips where you travel and return home the same day may be... Click to Read More

National Elder Abuse Laws: Staying Informed

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Elder abuse affects the lives of countless vulnerable individuals every year. According to one study from the American Journal of Public health, approximately one in ten elderly individuals suffer from at least one type of elder abuse every year, most of which goes unreported. Ensuring that your own loved one is protected begins by staying informed about elderly abuse facts. By better understanding means of documenting evidence of abuse, and learning legal precedent, you’ll be better prepared to handle suspicions of elder abuse. Federal Elder Abuse... Click to Read More

Helping Families with SMA: Getting Involved With Charities

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Affecting as many as 1 in 10,000 people, spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) is an unrestrained killer. Among its many victims, SMA is the leading genetic cause of death for children under the age of two. Although the bulk of people who suffer from SMA are very young, a very specific form of SMA known as Kennedy’s disease affects people between the ages of 15 through 60. While there is no cure or treatment for SMA, that doesn’t mean affected families of spinal muscular atrophy are without hope. From knowing... Click to Read More

Social Media-Savvy Seniors On the Rise

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When most of us think of social media, we think almost exclusively of young people. If you’re a businessperson, you might think of digital marketing, but you still see young people doing it. Would it surprise you to know that the fastest-growing demographic for social media use is the over-65 population? In 2013, 43% of senior citizens were using some form of social media, and that number continues to grow. That’s right, senior citizens and social media are no longer mutually exclusive ideas. Not only does social media... Click to Read More

The Real Story: Why Gardening is Great For Seniors

Asian grandfather with his granddaughter working in the garden
Gardening is one of those activities often recommended to and associated with older adults. But is there actual science behind why it might be beneficial, or do we only associate seniors with gardening because of some collective idea of what being “elderly” entails? Older people like checkers, bingo, and gardening, right? Well, we challenged the ideas behind those stereotypes and did some research into the science of gardening and its specific benefits for older adults, especially since horticulture therapy (gardening as a rehabilitative tool) is on the rise.... Click to Read More

What Role Does Genetics and being an SMA Carrier Play with Spinal Muscular Atrophy?

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You may have wondered if your child would have brown or blue eyes, but you might not have thought about whether or not they’re at risk for a severe and debilitating genetic disorder. Our genetic code makes up much of who we are, from the color of our eyes to how outgoing we may be, and our genes also play an important role in determining whether or not we inherit many serious conditions. One such condition is spinal muscular atrophy (SMA), affecting approximately 1 in 100,000 people during... Click to Read More

Essential Immunizations for Older Adults Who Travel

Senior woman receiving flu vaccine
For many seniors, entering the age of retirement can finally present the opportunity to follow a lifelong dream of seeing the world. However, that dream may turn into a nightmare if essential travel immunizations are neglected. Regular immunizations are an important part of preventing disease in day to day life, but they’re far more important when preparing to cross the border. Whether you're going to an exotic location or only heading to a neighboring state, having the right vaccinations may save your life. Below you can learn about some... Click to Read More

Elder Abuse: How You Can Help

Care Worker Mistreating Elderly Man
Experts tell us that one in ten seniors is the victim of physical or emotional abuse. While the documented instances of elder abuse tops the five million mark in the U.S. alone, the Elder Justice Coalition believes only one in twenty-four cases is actually reported. This victimization occurs across all socioeconomic groups. The late actor Mickey Rooney’s abuse at the hands of his stepson was well-documented. It led him to testify before Congress about his abuse in 2011 and the courts to award him with a $2.9 million judgment... Click to Read More