Acceptance: The Greatest Emotional Struggle of Caregiving?

Teenage Grandson Helping Grandmother With Laptop
A few months ago when we asked our 18-year-old grandson if he knew where he wanted to go to college following graduation, he said, “I want to go somewhere on the East Coast.” When we asked why, he said, “Because I’ve never been there, and I want to have a different experience.” Later that night my husband and I decided to take William, and his 20-year-old brother Cooper, to New York and Washington D.C. We had spent a lot of time with the boys when they were little, but as... Click to Read More

What Seniors Should Know About Reverse Mortgages

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As a senior homeowner beginning retirement, you may find that you have some financial questions about this new chapter in your life.  Years ago, you may have wondered how to buy a home, how to renovate in order to increase your home's value, and how to save for the time you reach the age of retirement.  But now that you are here, you are wondering how to access your home equity, how much you can get, and how to best use it.  As your biggest asset, your home... Click to Read More

Play On: Public Senior Playgrounds Spread to America

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The importance of exercise, particularly for older adults, has been well-documented, as have the benefits of spending time outdoors. If you or an aging loved one do not have access to a gym or simply prefer to be outside, why not reap the benefits of outdoor exercise? That may be easier said than done. Finding a suitable place for outdoor aerobic activity can be difficult for many seniors and you may find yourself limited by the kinds of exercises you feel comfortable doing outside. Enter senior playgrounds, outdoor parks... Click to Read More

Multiple Sclerosis: A Link Between Diet & Life Expectancy?

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Living with multiple sclerosis, or MS, can be a daily struggle and the subject of life expectancy can be an unsettling topic. However, here are ways to take back some control over your life and health. One of the best is through eating a multiple sclerosis diet that helps improve quality of life and extend life expectancy. Multiple Sclerosis Life Expectancy MS is a lifelong disease that affects the central nervous system and brain. It can cause muscle issues, vision problems, fatigue, and paralysis to name just a few of... Click to Read More

Companionship in Marriage: Alternative to Marriage after 65

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When most people think of marriage, they think in the abstract. They think of vows and commitments, of love and loyalty. And they’re right. Marriage is a vow. It is a commitment. But gone are the days when you have to make a lifelong commitment just to ensure you have company as you age. Today, the National Institutes of Health assert that many widowed or single seniors are combating loneliness by choosing to live together rather than tie the knot, and there are some solid reasons behind that... Click to Read More

More Than Worry: Anxiety in the Elderly

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You’re visiting your mother again, or your aunt, or your father, or maybe your older neighbor: “My head aches,” they might tell you. “I can’t sleep.” You might have one these reactions: Reaction One: Generalize. Aches and pains, unfortunately, are part of getting old. Maybe you find them some medicine to help with their pain. Reaction Two: Socialize. Maybe they just need to get out and socialize in order to sleep better. Exercise and socializing can help with so many aspects of physical health. Both of these reactions are well-intentioned. The... Click to Read More

Summers with Grandma & Grandpa: Fun Activities for Seniors and Grandkids

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The bond between a grandparent and their grandchild is a special one. The friendship and unconditional love a grandparent offers is good for helping growing children build self-esteem. There is emerging evidence to show that intergenerational connections are good for both generations. Grandparents can help their younger loved ones learn important social skills, empathy and character. Grandchildren can, in turn, offer companionships, joy and energy to their elders. If you are trying to find ways for your children to enjoy quality time grandma and grandpa this summer,... Click to Read More

How to Tell the Difference Between Age Spots and Melanoma

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If you have ever noticed a new dark spot on your skin, you may have wondered if it is simply a sign of aging or something more serious. As older adult's skin can be sensitive, it is important to guard against skin damage that can lead to skin cancer, and to also ensure any new spots are not more than the normal outer signs of aging. What is Melanoma - The Difference between Age Spots and Skin Cancer An age spot is a brown lesion on the skin. This type... Click to Read More

Angry & Elderly: Dealing With Angry Seniors Under the Same Roof

Every experienced family caregiver knows that seniors have their good days and bad days. Mood swings resulting from dissatisfaction, poor health, stress, pain, and a loss of dignity can easily lead to your loved one to lash out against you and others that they care about. Being a family caregiver under these conditions can be particularly stressful for the sandwich generation, who are “sandwiched” between living with an elderly parent and caring for their own children. While dealing with these feelings and the emotional strain they cause can require... Click to Read More

3 Ways Seniors Can Break Through Exercise Barriers

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Lets be honest, being active is sometimes a challenge. While exercise is great for your mind and body, the motivation to do it can be your biggest obstacle. For seniors, the challenge to stay active is no different. The only difference is that, for the elderly, exercise often comes with added physical barriers. When it comes to exercise, the physical barriers seniors have to deal with can be reduced range of motion, aches and pains in joints and other physical limitations from living life.  As an active aging specialist,... Click to Read More