Senior Apartments & 55 Plus Communities: What You Need to Know

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You may have heard the term 55+ senior living community. Or maybe you heard someone reference apartments for seniors. On the surface it seems pretty straight forward – an age-restricted community of people that are at least 55 years old – but what else is there to know? The Fair Housing Act of 1968 actually made it illegal for communities/landlords to discriminate against potential occupants based on protected classes. It was amended in 1988 to include protection for those with disabilities or based on familial status. However, in 1995... Click to Read More

Single Seniors: 5 Dating Tips for Older Adults

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Western society has a tendency to shun sexuality in older adults. We don’t talk about it. We certainly don’t encourage it. As a whole, we would rather not think about senior citizen dating, and heaven forbid we talk about senior citizen sex. Collectively, we may think that senior citizens should be quietly sitting in their living rooms or on their front porches. Yet, as America’s population ages, older adults are finding ways to make their voices heard on topics relating to dating and sexuality. Thanks to... Click to Read More

A Husband’s Reflections on Six Years of Caregiving

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Our friend Stan* lost his wife Julie* after a six-year courageous and exhausting battle that started with a diagnosis of breast cancer. About a year after Julie’s death, when a group of our friends got together for dinner, Stan talked briefly about the last stage of his wife’s life. He said, “If I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t have allowed it to go so far.” I wanted to know more, so I asked him if he would be willing to get together with me for a cup... Click to Read More

No “I” In “Team”: How Families Can Work Together To Care for Older Loved Ones

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 One of my mother’s favorite sayings still rings in my ears, “Many hands make light work.” Mom used it to get our family to work together on holiday preparations, Saturday housecleaning and nightly dinner dishes. When Mom’s dementia progressed and her care needs increased, my sister and I were guided by her advice, but my brother…not so much!  He was more of a spectator than an integral part of Mom’s caregiving team.  It caused hard feelings that linger, years later.  But our sisterly cooperation has created a deep bond... Click to Read More

Senior Scams: Preventing Tech & Financial Scams Against the Elderly

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Most Americans encounter some form of fraud during their lifetime, but none are as likely to fall prey to it as senior citizens. Older generations tend to be more polite and trusting, making them particularly vulnerable to the high-pressure tactics of con artists. Paired with the fact that our cognitive skills tend to decline with age, and that elderly possess the majority of American assets, seniors are often an easy and lucrative mark for criminals. According to the Senate’s Special committee on Aging, financial elder abuse causes seniors to... Click to Read More

Staying Sharp: How Playing Video Games Helps Seniors

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Laying waste to legions of orcs and goblins probably isn’t what comes to mind when you imagine therapy or exercise, but the truth is, video games have proven to be one of the most effective ways for seniors to make the most of their golden years. Over the past two decades, researchers have come to discover a wealth of benefits to playing video games. Below you can learn about some of the more noteworthy physical and psychological benefits available to seniors, as well as just how much they... Click to Read More

4 Ways to Change Your Brain: Why Our Brains Need Change

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For most of us, if I told you to find your way home from work, school or any place you go on a regular basis, the journey wouldn’t be that difficult.  Actually, in most cases, the process of finding our way to and from locations that are routine doesn’t require much thought and is almost an automatic process.  For those of us who hang pictures on the walls of our homes, if the pictures have been there for years, we usually don’t see them the same way someone new... Click to Read More

Hoarding: A Sign of Elderly OCD?

We all have parents or relatives who struggle to part with what we deem to be useless junk. It might be a dull-looking party favor your mother never looks at, but when you pull it out to toss it in a trash bag, she tells you a whole story of a summer fling you never knew about. It has no inherent value, and yet she becomes visibly upset at the thought of letting it go. This type of behavior is quite normal. However, when your loved one becomes upset... Click to Read More

Stress Relief & More: Yoga for Seniors

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Stress Relief & More: Yoga for Seniors When the talk turns to Yoga, many of us may automatically visualize younger adults in a variety of complicated poses. Even though the benefits of practicing this gentle form of exercise are well-documented, older adults may not believe it is a practical option for them to explore. Practiced safely, yoga can be a great way for seniors to improve strength, flexibility, and range of motion. It can also help to improve overall health and wellness. The Benefits of Yoga for... Click to Read More

All Things Aphasia: Types, Speech Therapy, Resources & More

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Affecting approximately 1 in 250 Americans, Aphasia is a common neurological disorder resulting from damage to the language centers of the brain. While the precise symptoms experienced vary depending on the location of the damage, some of the most common include difficulty reading, writing, speaking, and understanding speech. Due to the importance of language and communication, living with aphasia can place a serious strain on your loved one, particularly if the symptoms are severe. Luckily, for many who suffer from aphasia, their prognosis may be greatly improved with little... Click to Read More