Libraries Offer Seniors More Than Just Books

Elderly lady standing next to book shelves in library
With the school year quickly coming to an end, children will soon be looking for ways to occupy their long summer days.  While libraries will be well-utilized by children occupying their summer break and completing their summer reading requirements, seniors can also find libraries to be a great place to spend their days, as well.  With virtually every community housing their own free public library, libraries are a great resource for older adults.  From offering programs geared towards older adults or just a place of social interaction, libraries... Click to Read More

When Should You Switch from Companion Care to Overnight Care?

Health Visitor Giving Senior Woman Glass Of Water In Bed At Home
When Should You Switch from Companion Care to Overnight Care? It can be difficult to know when to switch from companion care to overnight care, but there are a few indicators that can help you make that decision. Before you decide, you'll want to understand the differences between companion care and overnight care as this will affect your final decision. Understanding Companion Care Companion care for older adults is a wonderful option to help the senior in your life remain active and social. A companion can keep your... Click to Read More

How Beauty and Purpose Can Come Out of Grief

Hannah Roy
How Beauty and Purpose Can Come Out of Grief I recently presented my Caregiver Survival Training course at a weekend retreat for family caregivers and grandparents who are raising grandchildren. On Saturday, we talked about caregiver anger and guilt. I introduced my three-step process of developing an “Attitude of Creative Indifference,” which begins with becoming aware of the people, situations, and events that are causing you the greatest amount of emotional stress. During the session, I encouraged the caregivers and grandparents to share their experiences with one another and then... Click to Read More

Adjusting to 24-Hour Home Care: What Families & Seniors Need To Know

Home health care worker and an elderly couple
While it may be difficult to picture your family member needing 24-hour senior care in their home, it may be the best choice when it comes to maintaining a higher quality of life for them. To help you prepare for live-in elder care, Jamie Jackson, Regional Director for Griswold Home Care of Baltimore/Howard and Harford/Cecil, Maryland and Elizabeth Firth, Director of Home Care Services for Griswold Home Care of Bucks County, Pennsylvania recently drew from their experience working with live-in senior caregivers to provide insights. Both Jamie and... Click to Read More

The Physician Shortage and Importance of Preventive Health

Doctor or physician writing diagnosis
In the coming years, the physician shortage that we face in the United States is expected to be a growing problem. With an increase in the aging population occurring at the same time, many are concerned about the impact on the quality of care for those with more health needs and how easy it will be to access this care. However, the good news is that by focusing on the importance of preventive health, seniors can take charge and gain control. America’s Physician Shortage According to a recent... Click to Read More

Seniors on a Plane: Travel Tips for Older Adults with Special Needs

go on vacation
Air travel can be difficult at any age. With forecasters saying the lines at security will be longer than ever this summer, travel for seniors may be especially challenging. When the older adult you love will be traveling with has special needs as the result of a condition like Alzheimer’s or diabetes, the trip can be even more complicated. Planning ahead is the key to a safe and successful vacation. Traveling with Seniors this Summer Here are a few tips to help you and your family plan your next getaway: Direct Flights:... Click to Read More

Home Safety Tips for Seniors Who Live Alone

Health care worker helping an elderly man
Nearly every senior wants to stay at home for as long as possible. That’s why nearly a third of seniors don't live in a care facility live alone, including about half of women over the age of 75. Whether they want to remain a part of their local community or just stay in a familiar place, it's hard to put a price on independence. But living alone comes with risks. Seniors can be vulnerable to feelings of depression and isolation, they can suffer from memory problems which challenge their... Click to Read More

Tips for Moving an Older Loved One Long Distances

Senior couple moving house
Maybe you’ve had an inclination for a while that you your parents needed to be closer to you. Perhaps they have a chronic disease like diabetes and you wonder and worry about how they’re maintaining their health. Or maybe it’s something simpler like a bad snow storm where they live and you’re concerned about them maneuvering in the snow. Whatever the impetus may be, when the time actually does come to move your older loved ones closer to you, it can be an intimidating prospect. In order to... Click to Read More

New Advances in Treatment for Cataracts

Cataracts, a condition that results in clouding of the lenses of the eye, are the cause of nearly half of all cases of blindness. Contributing factors to cataracts include heredity and advanced age. Although cataracts are more prevalent in older adults, it is a condition that affects people of all ages. This condition is highly treatable, yet new advancements have emerged to more effectively treat the problem. How Are Cataracts Currently Treated? Surgery, via lasers or ultrasound, is currently the go-to cataract treatment method. The cataract lens is actually removed... Click to Read More

Tips for Seniors Getting Their First Tattoos

Portrait of an older man showing his tattoo.
The social stigma surrounding tattooing is fading away, and with it fades the notion that older adults can’t enjoy ink themselves. Because the last two generations of young adults have so widely embraced tattoos as a form of self-expression, getting a tattoo has rapidly become about as normal as having pierced ears. In fact, more than one in three young adults has a tattoo. Perhaps that’s why more and more seniors are starting to ask, why should kids have all the fun? The Rising Popularity of... Click to Read More