Strokes and Chronic Pain: What You Should Know

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Nearly 800,000 Americans suffer from a stroke every year, making strokes the leading cause of serious long-term disability. While most people understand that surviving a stroke means living with neurological deficits, few expect to be left with physical pain. In truth, even many doctors are unaware that pain can be a common side effect of stroke, even though about 10% of stroke survivors will suffer from intense chronic pain. Risk Factors for Chronic Pain Just like there are risk factors which increase your chances of suffering a stroke, there... Click to Read More

The Reality of ALS: Documentaries, Ice Bucket Challenges, & Hope for a Cure

If you spend much time on the Internet, you’ll probably remember the Ice Bucket Challenge, one of the biggest viral video trends of 2014. Before the summer was over, nearly every personality, blogger, and prominent celebrity with an Internet presence had participated. The premise was simple: dump a bucket of ice water on your head in the name of promoting awareness of ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), and encourage donations to help fund the research necessary to beat the degenerative disease for good. What really made the challenge catch on... Click to Read More

Arthritis and Weather: Is There a Connection?

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Many people who suffer from joint pain claim they can predict changes in the weather, and they may be right. It may sound like little more than an old wives tale, medical professionals have long argued that joints weakened by old age, disease, or injury may indeed be susceptible to changes in the weather. The connection between joint pain and weather has been studied for years, but most of the evidence up to now has been inconclusive. New Progress Last year, a Dutch study conducted by orthopedic specialists from the... Click to Read More

What’s Normal During Stroke Recovery?

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A stroke is a serious medical condition which can occur with little warning. Since it impacts in a vital organ, the brain, it’s no surprise that immediate medical attention is needed to prevent loss of life. After the initial medical event has been stabilized, a new process begins: stroke recovery. The effects of stroke are different for every person, making almost every individual’s stroke timeline for recovery unique. Yet there are still some commonalities that stroke patients and their loved ones should be aware of. Where and How Strokes... Click to Read More

Tips for Celebrating Mother’s Day with Seniors: The Gift of Time

Mothers Day
Mother’s Day is fast approaching, which means it is time to start your planning. We often fondly remember the Mother’s Day gifts of our youth; full assortments of macaroni jewelry, handmade cards made illegible by glitter, a breakfast of cold cereal you made for her all on your own! Now, however, as you and your mother are more mature (and the crafts are better left to the grandchildren), it can be hard to come up with a unique gift. Here are a few ideas to help you honor... Click to Read More

Caring for a Spouse: Living Well Under Difficult Circumstances

Portrait Of Worried Senior Couple
I recently had the opportunity to spend the weekend with a long-lost friend. Over 25 years ago, Peggy* and I lived in the same neighborhood. Our kids were all about the same age, and to them, our homes, refrigerators, and pantries were interchangeable. When our children were in high school, Peggy and I both went through very difficult divorces and we ended up moving away from the old neighborhood. In the process of redefining our lives and starting over, we lost touch. Last fall, as she was looking online for... Click to Read More

New & Alternative Transportation Options for Seniors

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Most people can remember the excitement felt when finally becoming the legal age to drive.  Despite the rules enforced by parents, the freedom was priceless.  While no longer driving to school dances or after school activities, senior citizens similarly appreciate this same level of independence.  The ability to be mobile, provides older adults with an incredible sense of independence.  However, often due to physical limitations, older adults can lose their ability to drive and with that goes their highly prized independence. According to the National Household Travel Survey, more... Click to Read More

Tips for Apartment-Hunting Seniors

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The family home is something many people cherish; chances are it contains for them a lifetime of memories. But when the kids have grown up and moved out, the extra space doesn’t seem as necessary. As a person ages, maintaining a yard or shoveling out after a snowstorm doesn’t have the charm it once did. For these reasons and more, many seniors consider downsizing from their houses and moving into apartments for seniors. While the transition may initially be difficult, it can be a lot of fun to move... Click to Read More

Summer Jobs for Seniors

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The summer months, bookended by Memorial and Labor Day, are the perfect time for retirees to enjoy relaxing trips to the beach, lazy afternoons and, in a surprising twist, seasonal work for seniors! Retirement may invoke ideas of endless hours of leisure, but many retirees are considering taking on work during these summer months. The website CareerBuilder reports that 54% of retirees revealed they would continue to work post retirement. The reasons for taking on a summer job vary. Supplemental income is an obvious factor but summer jobs... Click to Read More

How Long-Term Care Facilities are Enhancing Quality of Life

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Living in a long term care environment can be challenging. Being away from familiar sights while coping with a serious illness is hard on anyone. In fact, it's been estimated that nearly one in five residents of a nursing home suffer from depression, and one in three have depressive symptoms.  Understanding the struggle of living in a long term care environment, several long term care facilities have taken steps to enhance the quality of life of their patients to great effect. Music Therapy Many of the best examples of these... Click to Read More