Physical Wellness For The ElderlyHappy Friday! This is our last post in our Physical Wellness for the Elderly series, and we’re going to end on a note filled with harmony, peace and inner bliss. That’s right, yoga for the elderly.

As any yogi will tell you, yoga is for anyone and everyone. It’s for the physically fit, the physically not-so-fit, pregnant women, cancer patients, babies, men, women, pre-teens, teenagers and, of course, the elderly. 

Yoga is truly a whole body exercise. While stretching, strengthening and lengthening the muscles, it calms the mind, cleanses the air passages, balances the internal systems and puts you in touch with your inner self. The flexibility, self-acceptance and inner calm that yoga provides combat myriad displeasures that often plague the elderly, from arthritis and incontinence to high blood pressure and depression.

From “Easy Pose” (Sukhasana) — a simple seated position that straightens the spine, relaxes the metabolism and stills the mind — to “Cat-Cow” (Marjariasana) – a flowing pelvic tilt that strengthens and stretches the back muscles, aligns your spine, aids in digestion and opens air passages – yoga is a type of exercise that can be customized for any person’s needs, illnesses or impairments.

The best thing about yoga? There is no “right,” “wrong,” or “perfect.” The whole-body benefits are just as fruitful for the beginner or the young person as they are for the advanced or the senior. If your loved one does what feels good and right, that is the best practice for him or her at that moment.

Yoga For The Young At Heart is an award-winning series of video yoga classes, created especially for baby boomers and seniors. DVDs range from “very easy” to “not quite as easy” and even include Sitting Fit Anytime™ for those with limited mobility.

Namaste” — In other words, May the light within me shine upon the light within you.

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