Griswold Home CareThis is a very special week on the Griswold Blog. As we mentioned in our last post on Friday, we’ll be highlighting two very inspirational stories from some incredibly compassionate and motivated people. This week, we’re shining the spotlight on two Griswold Home Care franchises that are making tremendous strides to support both their individual communities and the home care industry as a whole.

But first, here’s a little background information on Griswold’s franchise opportunities to set the stage for our shining stories.

Soon after Jean Griswold founded Griswold Home Care in 1982 to extend quality home care to families outside of the privileged sector of society, requests for care started to come from beyond the local community. Additional care centers were opened and Griswold’s franchise program flourished.

Only franchise Care Directors who share Jean Griswold’s philosophy of providing outstanding, compassionate service at an affordable rate are welcomed into the Griswold Home Care network.

But enough about us. We know you want to hear about the real people who are doing real things to make real differences in their communities. Check back soon — or better yet, subscribe to the Griswold Blog so the posts get sent straight to your inbox — so you don’t miss some shining stories about Griswold franchisees. Wednesday’s post will feature Brian and Cheryl Rice’s story; stay tuned!