Wise Words from Walker: Questions to Ask a Homecare Provider  You want the best care for your loved one, that’s a fact. But it’s completely natural to be a bit overwhelmed about the process of acquiring this care. How do you ensure that you are providing your loved one with the highest quality of homecare possible? How do you feel comfortable with allowing another person into your loved one’s home?

To truly familiarize yourself with a homecare provider and his or her homecare process and philosophy, you need to ask questions. But what questions should you ask? Diane Walker, our expert in Quality, Compliance and Outcomes (along with gourmet cooking, Purple Martin landlording, surf fishing and boating) answers that question with articulate ease.

“One of the most important selection criteria when picking an agency is the screening process they use to select caregivers,” says Walker, “The process should include an in depth in-person interview covering experience, personality, and professionalism; professional and personal reference checks; a criminal background check; competency testing; and verification of identity and eligibility to work.  Griswold Special Care uses a 17 step process to screen the caregivers it refers.  Other questions should include the agency’s history and reputation, size of their pool of workers, their policy on consistency and replacement and what they charge for services.  Affordability is very important so the person can use the services as long as they need assistance, so a market study would be advisable.”

Does Griswold pass the test? Diane sure thinks so.

Client and caregiver satisfaction are a number one concern of our company. Griswold places a great emphasis on matching the personality of the caregiver with the personality preferences of the client,” says Walker, “We refer individuals who have experience working with a wide variety of clients so they can anticipate the client’s needs. The caregivers we refer also select the clients they wish to work with to better ensure they are happy with the referral. Finally, the office staff is continually in touch with the client, significant family members and caregivers to ensure the client’s goals are being met and the parties are satisfied with the relationships that have developed.”

Diane Walker is undeniably experienced with and knowledgeable about the homecare process, so she clearly knows what she’s talking about. But you should find out for yourself! If you’re considering homecare for a loved one, please ask us anything in the comments below. We’ll be happy to answer any burning home care question keeping you up at night!