Inspired Care By Inspired People

In 1982 Jean Griswold founded Griswold Home Care from her home in Erdenheim, PA. What began as a response to a personal tragedy in her life has grown into a mission shared by over 140 franchisees throughout the United States—serving more than 80,000 individuals and their families.

As a visionary leader in the non-medical home care industry, Jean was among the first to offer affordable 24-hour service to older adults, people with disabilities, those with special needs and individuals recovering from surgeries or dealing with illness. Our business model is the most responsive, most effective and most accessible in the industry.

A Unique Consumer-Directed Business Model

Griswold Home Care’s success is based on a consumer-directed, referral-based business model that significantly reduces the overhead costs associated with traditional employees. Our Caregivers are Self-Employed Professionals whom are paid directly by the client—allowing our focus to remain on CLIENT CARE,rather than payroll, benefits, taxes or back office administration.

This is not merely a business to us, it’s personal. Many of our franchise owners have had direct experience with the home care needs of family members and other loved ones. This connection helps foster a culture of compassion, caring and giving back within our company, as well as, every community we serve.

The Griswold Mission For Growth

A quick glance at the headlines these days is all it takes to see that the need for home care in America is exploding and projected to continue in the coming years. Thousands of baby boomers are retiring every day and their care needs will play a significant factor in the economy over the next two decades and beyond. Providing a vital service to a customer base projected to reach nearly 78 million Americans by 2030 (according to the US Administration on Aging) is a business and social opportunity you are unlikely to find anywhere else in the franchising world.

Griswold Home Care is positioned for this growth unlike any other company in the space. There are many factors that contribute to our competitive advantages. However, it is the uniqueness of our consumer-directed operating model that allows us to focus on” being the best care services company in the world and the best business opportunity for franchisees available anywhere” while others focus on Health Care Reform. We offer potential franchise partners hundreds of markets for development, larger protected territories, the ability to purchase multiple territories and access to the most progressive business building tools on the market today.

Caring Is Recession-Resistant

In recent years, our economy could have used some tender loving care of its own. During these tough economic times, many successful business owners have seen their fortunes wane and have been challenged to maintain stability in their businesses. Many others have failed.

The Home Care Industry has weathered the recent economic storm by virtue of one fundamental indicator; demographics! In recent years, the makeup of the American population has shifted in favor of businesses that service an older consumer and their ever-expanding needs. Suppliers continue to chase a  growing demand that is unlikely to change for years to come, no matter how reckless Wall Street gets or how much our home values fluctuate.

By any measure, these leading demographic indicators are expected to increase exponentially over the coming decades. There has never been a better time to be in the home care industry.

Griswold Home Care: Is It Your Calling?

For many reasons, we are exceedingly selective about whom we partner with as Griswold Home Care franchisees. To give you an idea of how thorough our prospect screening process is, we have awarded less than 2% of the potential candidates we initiated conversations with in the past year.

Choosing to license any franchise is a very important decision that must be carefully considered—a Home Care franchise even more so because of the personal nature of the business. Although we consider many varied factors in a potential franchise partner, this is our typical profile for success:

Our Ideal Franchisee:

  • Enjoys going out to build relationships; wants to be the face of the business; not interested in waiting for customers to come to you.
  • Likes marketing functions and would excel at presentations to individuals or groups.
  • Has experience with recruiting talent that can deliver quality results.
  • Would thrive in a service industry.
  • Is looking to be actively involved in a business full-time with the ability to moving into a more passive ownership role down the road.
  • Feels a passion for helping others and is drawn to the higher purpose of giving back.

Now Caring Near You: Available Markets

Griswold Home Care business ownership offers a unique opportunity to feed ones soul, as well as, ones financial desires.
There are currently hundreds of markets available in attractive areas all across the United States for one to investment in. Our philosophy is to award larger territories within the Home Care industry, with standard population counts that start at 250,000 or senior counts that start at 25,000. Having been recognized for unit sales much higher than industry averages, we are seeing individuals for either single or multiple unit ownership. Determining whether single or multiple units is right for you depends on individual factors and circumstances. Be sure to speak to our Franchise Development team to determine what is best for you.

Steps to Griswold Home Care Business Ownership

Thank you for talking some time to investigate Griswold Home Care. We hope you have learned about what makes our franchise opportunity truly unique and about our mission to provide innovative, accessible and caring services to our communities. In your journey, maybe you have also learned a little bit about yourself, your needs and goals and how they may translate to a care-based franchise business. Becoming one of our trusted home care business partners is a highly selective process. It’s a proven system by which we ensure a perfect fit between you and our culture of compassion and success. To learn more, review our six steps to ownership and contact us to get things started!

Our six steps to ownership are:

  • A “Get To Know” initial conversation
  • Overview Webinar of our unique model
  • Franchise Disclosure Document Review
  • Interview with a senior executive
  • Validation meetings with our franchise owners
  • Discovery Day at our Headquarters

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