Griswold Home Care: Is It Your Calling?

For many reasons, we are exceedingly selective about whom we partner with as Griswold Home Care franchisees. To give you an idea of how thorough our prospect screening process is, we have awarded less than 2% of the potential candidates we initiated conversations with in the past year.

Choosing to license any franchise is a very important decision that must be carefully considered—a Home Care franchise even more so because of the personal nature of the business. Although we consider many varied factors in a potential franchise partner, this is our typical profile for success:

Our Ideal Franchisee:

  • Enjoys going out to build relationships; wants to be the face of the business; not interested in waiting for customers to come to you.
  • Likes marketing functions and would excel at presentations to individuals or groups.
  • Has experience with recruiting talent that can deliver quality results.
  • Would thrive in a service industry.
  • Is looking to be actively involved in a business full-time with the ability to moving into a more passive ownership role down the road.
  • Feels a passion for helping others and is drawn to the higher purpose of giving back.