Griswold Home Care Success Stories

While the financial rewards of a Griswold Home Care business can be significant, our franchise partners experience an even deeper level of success and personal fulfillment. See some of their stories here.

Greg Gorman
Broward County, FL

“I am an absolute advocate for quality management programs, like Home Care Pulse. Home Care Pulse is the #1 quality management program for home care. Working with providers across the county, Home Care Pulse has helped home care businesses, like mine, by identifying problem areas within their clients’ experiences, paving the path toward improvement.

My office received negative feedback, through Home Care Pulse, about an insurance agency that refers clients toward my business. The criticism, which had nothing to do with GHC services, offered my team 2 opportunities:

  1. To correct the client’s misconception that they were displeased with GHC.
  2. To identify the problem for the agency – making sure client confusion would not happen again and offering our help to resolve the issue.

To me, negative feedback about my business and its associated entities are the same. Both demonstrate that action needs to be taken. My team added a layer to our client orientation process that differentiates GHC’s role and responsibilities from that of referring companies. Through Home Care Pulse, I continue to reevaluate my business and adjust aspects that need fixing.”

Christine Friedberg
Fairfax, VA

“While some families can afford to pay privately for their loved one’s care, my practice has been to proactively explore every payment option available to prospective clients and their families. This has been possible with much help from the Financial Health Services team.

I consistently communicate with FHS to develop a better understanding of third party payor processes as well as the various options available to my office, as a provider. I help families to navigate through Long Term Care Insurance policies, Veteran’s benefits and Respite programs available through non-profit organizations. I have made paying for home care and the payment processing as simple as possible.

My advice is to establish a relationship and rapport with the client development team at FHS. Together, we’ve partnered to efficiently turn many of my prospects into clients.”

Prisca D’Rozario
Chapel Hill, NC

Taking the Call: “I received a call from an Independent Living Facility Administrator, whom I met during due diligence, requesting that I follow up immediately with the woman whom she referred to my services.”

The Intake: “The woman I met explained to me that both her parents’ health conditions were ailing as a result of her Mother’s Dementia. Busy taking care of his wife, her Father was not eating well, had gained weight and was pre-diabetic. She needed someone to support her Mother while easing the pressure placed on her Father as his wife’s primary caregiver.”

Matching a Caregiver: “I referred a Caregiver on my registry who was a nursing student. She and the couple were a perfect match. The trio enjoyed many outings together including trips to the local farmer’s market. The Caregiver cooked for the couple, which helped the Father to lose weight and lower his blood pressure.

As the Father was no longer pre-diabetic and his wife was professionally cared for, both his Daughter and I were glad to see his health improve and his angst melt away as he was free to support his wife as her husband – not a professional Caregiver.”

Mark & Holly Andersen
Northwest Orange County, CA

“Our family used Griswold Home Care’s services for our mother for 5 months. Our mother had been in a nursing home from July to September after having surgery on her foot. While at the nursing home, Mark came and visited us, explaining all about Griswold Home Care. He also spent time getting to know my mother in order to find the caregiver that would be the best fit. He did a great job – my mother’s caregiver was the best!!

The goal was to get my mother out of her wheel chair and walking again. The caregiver worked with my mom doing her exercises and helped her to learn how to walk again. Whatever mom needed, her caregiver was there to assist her. At one point, my mother ended up going back in the hospital and her caregiver went every day to be by her side.

With the help of her caregiver, my mother became self-sufficient again.

Mark, Holly and Julia are very caring people and still check in on my mother. If we ever needed a caregiver again, they would absolutely be the company we would use. Griswold Home Care is very professional and so are the caregivers that they refer.”

Thanks – Wendy Brogdon

Bill Kohler
Carmel, IN

“I responded immediately to the lead my office received from On my second telephone attempt, I spoke to the woman who inquired about care services for her elderly Mother. Mom was the wife of a deceased WWII Veteran.

She was resistant to receiving professional care, speaking over her Daughter, “I don’t need help!”

The pair were driving home from a doctor’s appointment; Mother was told she could no longer drive and Daughter had recently been deemed the prospect’s POA. She followed a counselor’s recommendation to seek extra support for her Mother’s care from

It meant a great deal to the Daughter that Griswold Home Care was associated with an admirable Veteran’s resource network.”

Dennis & Kelly Lipford
North & South Birmingham, AL
Taking the Call: “A woman called to request companionship care information for her elderly mother. She was only in the beginning stages of her home care hunt and soon got off the phone with me once I answered her questions. The daughter seemed drained and sought outside help to begin transitioning her mother back into her own home.

I followed-up our conversation with an email and attached our live-in brochure.
The Intake: “I met with the Client in her daughter’s home where she currently lived following a broken hip and recent discharge from a rehab facility. Mother was content where she was – her daughter was not. She was admittedly exhausted and concerned about her mother’s health. Both were impressed by our live-in rates.”Matching a Caregiver: “I was able to make a perfect match between my first client – she ended up being a live-in – and a compatible caregiver on my registry who was relocating to Birmingham and had not yet found a place to live.”