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Your Home Care Referral Team in Lebanon County, PA

Hello, I am Melody Lehman, the independent owner and operator of your local Griswold Home Care office. I was born on a dairy farm in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. Professionally, I have always served the health care industry. After attending a practical nursing program and becoming a certified nurse’s aide, I spent part of my career working at an assisted living facility. There, I helped elderly and disabled folks with rehabilitation. 

I went on to provide senior care and personal care services to my neighbors in need as a caregiver with Griswold Special Care in Lebanon County. As a caregiver I cared for clients who were actively involved in their family and the community. Some were at the end of their lives. I provided personal care, household maintenance, preparing meals, providing transportation/accompaniment and most importantly, companionship. 

While I was happy with my role as a caregiver, I was delighted to buy the business and continue to serve my community as the owner of an office that refer caregivers who provide such a valuable service to the community.

When I’m not working, I enjoy doing simple things with my husband. We live in the mountains with our two pigmy goats and a Jack Russell terrier. We enjoy nature and touring our area on my husband’s motorcycle. 

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