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Rates and Service Areas in McHenry-North Kane / Elgin-St. Charles, IL

Here at the Griswold Home Care of McHenry North Kane we understand that home care can be an expensive financial burden on families and their loved ones. That is why we are dedicated to keeping our office fees affordable while continuing to refer the best quality in-home caregivers to provide non-medical care.

Home care services accommodate a wide range of needs for seniors and adults with disabilities. The caregivers we refer independently obtain training in areas such as memory loss. Caregivers can provide, as requested by the client, home cooked meals, help with daily personal care tasks, and companionship. These caregivers can also work with hospice patients who require adjunct care within their assisted living facilities, and help with daily tasks. We can also refer caregivers to provide assistance to clients who have suffered strokes.

Caregivers can supply transportation/accompaniment to doctor appointments, exercise classes or physical therapy, grocery shopping and local errands, as well as social trips to visit family members or friends.

A non-medical caregiver can help clients remain comfortably at home and retain as much independence as possible. It would be our pleasure and honor to refer caregivers to provide home care services to your loved one.


Average Market Rate Office Fee Total Cost of Care*
Hourly (4 hour minimum) $12.50 $4.00 $16.50
Live-in (requires living quarters) $140.00 $35.00 $175.00

This office serves the following cities and towns: All of McHenry, Alden, Algonquin, Barrington Hills, Bartlett, Bull Valley, Carpentersville, Campton Hills, Cary, Crystal Lake, Chemung, Coral, Dundee, Elgin, Fox River Grove, Geneva, Greenwood, Harvard, Hampshire, Hartland, Hebron, Holiday Hills, Huntley, Johnsburg, Lake in the hills, Lakemoor, Lakewood, Marengo, McCullom Lake, McHenry, Oakwood Hills, Prairie Grove, Pingree Grove, Richmond, Ridgefield, Ringwood, Sleepy Hollow, St Charles, Solon Mills, South Elgin, Spring Grove, Sunnyside, Streamwood, Trout Valley, Valleyview, Volo, Wayne, West Chicago, Wonder Lake, Woodstock, Union

We also serve the following zip codes: McHenry-North Kane – 60001, 60033, 60102, 60156, 60021, 60102, 60012, 60050, 60097, 60098, 60013, 60152, 60014, 60039, 60021, 60098, 60033, 60034, 60050, 60051, 60142, 60071, 60072, 60081, 60080, 60097, 60098, 60103, 60177, 60107, 60184, 60120, 60123, 60185, 60134, 60174

Elgin-St. Charles – 60103, 60107, 60120, 60123, 60134, 60174, 60177, 60184, 60185

*Griswold Home Care does not set caregiver rates. You will negotiate those rates with your caregiver after you engage him or her. As general information, however, market studies conducted in our community reveal the average rate that caregivers typically charge. Our office fee would be added to your caregiver rate to determine the total cost of care to you.

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