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With over 30 years of client service experience in the education, banking, accounting and non-medical private home care industries, Anne Eidschun, Executive Director of the New Castle County Delaware office, has always been focused on exceptional client service.

CSA - LogoWhile working full time, she spent two years as a part-time caregiver. Anne worked a full day and then helped prepare dinner, helped with medication, socialized and engaged with the person, helped get him ready for bed and attended to his needs during the night. In the morning, before leaving for work, she made sure he was dressed, made the bed, served breakfast, and helped with medication.

Community involvement is very important to Anne. She has served on many Boards and is currently the Immediate Past President of the Rotary Club of Wilmington, Delaware, which is actively involved in service projects throughout the community. In addition, Anne is a Certified Senior Advisor.

MMurrayHello, I am Maryanne Murray, owner of your local Griswold Home Care office. I have a masters degree in Public Health from UNC-Chapel Hill. I spent 15 years teaching hospital administration and managing physician practice plans at the University of Maryland Medical System, The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Philadelphia Child Guidance Center. In 1996, as the result of hospital mergers, I found myself unemployed. I decided I wanted to own my own business to control my own destiny and touch more people in a helping way.

Non-medical home care fit with my background and my goals. Jean Griswold offered me a job managing the Main Line Office, which gave me an opportunity to learn from the special person who started this business after a woman in her husband’s congregation died of dehydration because no one was checking on her to make sure she was eating and drinking. Jean started “Overnight Sitting Service” in 1982; she wanted to help people live independently in their homes and she found seminary students and their wives to sleep in people’s homes to provide this kind of assistance. I loved the mission, but I still wanted to own a franchise. In August of 1999 I bought the Wilmington, DE franchise; in 2003 I started a second office in Lewes, DE.

Owning these offices has been one of the most significant and meaningful parts of my life. Referring caregivers to help the people of Delaware stay safely in their homes has been a most gratifying professional and personal experience. During home visits, I love exploring people’s lives and hearing rich stories of family and work life. The caregivers we recruit are wonderful people, compassionate, caring and often become part of the client’s family. One client recently had a caregiver take her to Hawaii for a long deserved vacation–what better treat than to refer a caregiver to facilitate a client’s dream of visiting Hawaii.

It has been an honor to be a part of Jean Griswold’s dream of referring caregivers to give families peace of mind and fulfill clients’ wishes to stay in their homes for as long as possible. I hope to continue this dream for many years to come.

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