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Local Community in New Haven and Middlesex, Connecticut

“It takes a village …” to provide home care for seniors, too. The senior care “Village” includes assisted living, the geography (what’s where), all care providers (who does what), academia (hope in research), finance (who pays) and the arts community: arts and healing go hand in hand. It reaches those who need immediate care and those who will need support, especially family caregivers.

We care for baby boomers and their parents, keeping them healthy with independence through home care.

I have been in health care here since my time at Yale in 1968. I know these villages from Milford to North Haven to New London County.

My dedicated home care referral team will scour all of the best senior and elder care resources for you. A few examples: we advise on your long term insurance benefits; our coordinators were trained on fall prevention by Yale’s Dr. Baker of the CT Fall Prevention Coalition. We created a unique financial relationship with the State of Connecticut to extend affordable family coverage. The Parkinson’s Association gave us an exclusive contract for respite care and The Alzheimer’s Association relies on us for respite care. Yale-New Haven; St. Raphael’s; Hamden Healthcare and Milford Healthcare are just some who refer clients to us. We are the hub for families looking to coordinate skilled care with the VNA and Hospice; 120 insurers; the Area Agency on Aging; the Clelian Day Care Center and many, many more.

We even care for many senior clients in assisted living facilities from Tower One, New Haven to Gladeview, Old Saybrook to Heritage Commons, Southbury.

In 2012, the Yale School of Nursing renamed their Writing Awards in our honor, recognizing our respect for story-telling and the cathartic power of writing. Stories about senior care and home care can be found at With guidance from Dr. Bernie Siegel, Griswold LifeTales matches writers with story-telling elders. Stories at

We write and lecture about dance as the most positive activity for spiritual, mental and physical health at St Mary’s and the Mercy Center, Madison. Griswold also produces performances and sponsors events for veterans and senior centers, including the Miller Senior Center, Hamden, the Milford Senior Center and Evergreen Woods, Branford.

We’ve had hat parties, chair dancing, pet therapy and book club talks in Old Lyme, Old Saybrook, North Haven and more. I’m a 10-year radio veteran for baby boomer and senior issues, speaking nationally and locally with topics ranging from Alzheimer’s to Power in the Caregiving Relationship, from the Importance of Balance to Nurturing the Spirit. I hope you’ll join our shared communities.