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Senior Savings You Should Keep In Mind

Mature Couple Calculating Coin In The Piggybank

The attention being paid to senior discounts has dramatically increased since the federal decision to raise Senior National Park Lifetime Pass prices from $10 to $80 last month. Demand for these and other senior discounts continues to grow as baby boomers and all seniors watch their fixed income dollars stretching less and less nowadays. The…

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7 Senior Emergency Preparedness Tips

emergency preparedness tips for seniors

Even extremely responsible and diligent seniors can be blindsided by an emergency. They happen everyday—natural disasters, accidents, and financial crises—and it’s important that the most vulnerable among us have a plan.   Here are 7 tips, as suggested by the Red Cross, seniors should be aware of in case of an emergency situation: 1. Establish…

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8 Tips for Traveling with Seniors

senior couple on city street

Many seniors choose to spend their golden years traveling and enjoying leisure-filled days and evenings. There are plenty of senior-friendly excursions nowadays that offer amenities and options for the entire family. Here are our top tips for traveling with seniors: 1. Take a cruise With an abundance of options and packages now available, a cruise…

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Home Safety Checklist for Independently Living Seniors

Helping an old man

With increasing numbers of seniors opting out of nursing homes in favor of assisted living services like Griswold Home Care, it’s now more important than ever to discuss home safety. The National Council on Aging estimates that every 11 seconds a 65+ aged adult will experience a fall requiring hospitalization. A qualified and experienced caregiver…

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The Secret Benefit of Gym Memberships for Seniors

It has long been accepted that physical exercise among seniors and the elderly can lead to increased longevity and a better quality of life. Griswold Home Care believes this and many others are starting to as well. According to the World Health Organization, around 3.2 million annual global deaths are attributed to inactivity (Taylor 2014)….

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The Best Senior Activities In Orlando, FL

When it comes to senior home care, Griswold Home Care is a strong believer in encouraging community and active lifestyles for seniors, adults with disabilities, and retirees. While Griswold is committed to being a top caregiver referral service to help seniors maintain their independence. The greater Orlando area hosts an abundance of activities, events, and…

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Home Care For All Of Your Needs

If you’re wondering how you’re going to handle things after your surgery, Griswold Home Care has you covered.  Since 1993, we’ve been helping people get back on their feet in their own homes. We understand how the comforts of home can be reassuring. Having visitors join you in a relaxing cup of coffee or tea…

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What Does Mom Need?

“Mrs. B had early macular degeneration.  As time went on, she became confused, but not consistently. Then she became ill and needed to be taken to a local hospital. Her daughter lived nearby so she was on top of things.  While in the hospital, it was discovered that Mrs. B had dementia not noticed a…

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Just A Little Help When Needed

As we age, some things become more difficult to do.  In fact, we often skip doing various chores because it’s too difficult. Most people don’t want to hire a maid, but they sure could use a little help around the house. Sometimes family encourage older family members to move to assisted living, but most seniors…

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Staying Home To Heal

Major surgery or illnesses used to require a stay in a long-term care facility. Today there are options.   Mrs. Smith, an 87-year-old lady was living alone in the home that she and her husband had shared throughout their entire marriage.  Mr. Smith passed away several years ago and Mrs. Smith was determined to remain…

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