What is Hospice and Palliative Care

Hospice care provides symptom relief and emotional-spiritual assistance to individuals who are in the last stages of a serious illness and their families. Palliative care focuses on making the afflicted person feel comfortable. Supplemental non-medical home care, such as personal care and companionship, can provide additional support to you or your loved one during the process of hospice and palliative care.

We Understand

Both physical and emotional-spiritual dynamics take place during this challenging time of transition. Having lived a life of purpose, a hospice diagnosis means precious time should be celebrated and spent surrounded with friends and family. Our approach to end of life care is simple: do everything possible to enable quality time among immediate family and friends. Hospice care at home can give families and their elderly loved ones the chance to spend more time together in a setting that is as familiar and comfortable as possible.

Accepting the response to a hospice illness should include accepting help with needs. While hospice care treats the palliative needs or control of pain, the needs of a hospice patient vary widely. These needs can include resources for practical information, closing loose ends financially and emotionally, and having someone to guide you and the family through the process. Over time the intensity of needs may increase to physical and spiritual needs. While you may directly or indirectly care for a loved one during this time, your needs should not be neglected. The balance of ensuring a safe transition for your loved one and handling your everyday routine can be challenging. This is where having a palliative care support team can be of great comfort and service to you and your loved one.

How Griswold Home Care Can Help

A referred caregiver can assist with supplemental personal care, homemaking, and companionship when you need a little help. Not only can these services aide your elderly loved one receiving hospice care, but having a little extra help can give you balance and focus on quality time. Our caregiver registry has many professional caregivers who have experience working with hospice patients. Not only do we use our CareAssure Screening System to find the best senior hospice care givers in the market, but we’ll match your loved one using our CarePairing Process with a caregiver who has compassion, integrity, and experience working with hospice-bound clients.

Next Steps

Give your local referral office a call and ask about our AdvisorLink program. If you need professional senior hospice care in home, we can quickly refer a caregiver - often within 48 hours of your first contact with us.

Frequently Asked Questions on Hospice Care
How do you know when a person is ready for palliative or hospice care?
You should check with your loved one’s physician or medical expert and ask them what their professional opinion is concerning your loved one being ready for palliative or hospice care.
What is Griswold’s cost for non-skilled hospice care?
Rates vary from office to office. Please contact your local Griswold Home Care location to inquire about their office fees.
My loved one was recently placed on hospice care. Can someone come and help me care for him overnight?
Yes! Griswold Home Care can refer a caregiver to work overnight and provide non-medical care for your loved one while giving you a break from being a family caregiver. By having this extra help, you are able to be well rested and take over caring for your loved one in the morning. If you realize that having the extra help makes a huge difference for you, you can discuss the benefits of live-in care with your local office.
Can Griswold refer a caregiver for live-in hospice care?
Yes! We know how important hospice care can be, and how much that extra set of hands can really matter to you when you want to spend quality time with your loved one and not also have to care for them. Griswold Home Care is able to refer caregivers to care for a loved one who is on hospice. Call your local office today and schedule a free in-home visit to discuss what kind of care is best for you and your loved one.
Do you work with hospice companies for in home care, and do you accept Medicare in these circumstances?
We are able to work with hospice companies and refer a caregiver to provide supplemental non-medical care. Griswold Home Care offices may or may not accept Medicare; it varies by location. Please contact your local office and ask them what types of payment they are able to accept, and if the type of care factors into that as well.

For more information, please review our Hospice & Palliative Care Resources.