What is Respite Care?

In home respite care, or relief care, for seniors & the elderly offers family caregivers a chance to step back and take a break from their care situation. It’s meant to allow you to recharge emotionally and physically to avoid burnout. Respite care can include things like light housekeeping, personal care such as bathing or dressing, travel accompaniment to appointments, grocery shopping, errands, and more.


The Sandwich Generation

There will be days that test your limits as a family caregiver. When you have children, you care for them. When you have aging parents or relatives, you may care for them, too. As a member of the “Sandwich Generation,” you find yourself sandwiched between those two caretaking roles. You may find that having support for a few hours a week during a busy time reduces your stress. You may decide you need full live-in or overnight support for a family member for a few weeks. A sudden event may mean you need extra support for a short time. Often respite care turns into more consistent care, especially for older relatives who need more support as they age.

The most important thing to remember is that respite home care is not about abandoning or “passing off” your caregiving role. It’s about finding the right balance for your family.

What is the Cost of Respite Care?

The cost of respite care depends on your location, the model your local office operates under, and the length of time you’ll need care for (longer-hour cases may charge by day instead of hourly). Your local office can tell you more and answer any questions you have about paying for respite care.

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