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Art and WifeWe’re Arthur and Frieda Moseley, and when we are asked “Why Home Care?” our response is always “It’s a God Thing”. We are strong believers that if we follow God’s lead, He will place us where we are needed when we need to be there, and that our past experiences and learnings will be the springboard for our new adventure.

A few weeks before taking early retirement from Bank of America, we sat down and took stock of our strengths, experiences and passions.  Within a week we came across home care and elder care knew it was the thing for us. Once we heard founder Jean Griswold’s story, the decision was very easy. Her commitment to referring hourly and live-in caregivers to provide the best possible senior care and disability care in the most affordable way was one that we admire and continue to emulate. Over eight years later, our choice has proven to be fulfilling.

Frieda’s dad was a Baptist minister for over 50 years. As a teenager, she had the opportunity to visit church members in their homes, hospitals, and nursing facilities with him. On a number of occasions she was asked to sit with members who had just been discharged from the hospital and needed some extra assistance while their family was working. Later, between her sophomore year in college and transferring to nursing school, she worked as a nursing assistant in a skilled facility. The joy she got out of working with those residents carried through nursing school where she was honored with the Barbara K. Morey Humanitarian Award for her work with her patients.

Over the next thirty years Frieda practiced her craft in three hospital settings from Virginia Beach to Richmond to Tampa. She served as a charge nurse in each hospital, helping patients and also managing the other RNs, LPNs, and CNAs on the floor. On the personal side, during the 1990s she watched her parents and their siblings care for her grandparent. She saw their dedication as caregivers and what a special blessing it was that her grandparent was able to age at home. These experiences make Frieda uniquely qualified to oversee our caregiver screening, case coordination, and client satisfaction.

Arthur is responsible for the financial and marketing side of the business. He grew up surrounded by his grandparents and great grandparents and spent many a Sunday afternoon with them. He witnessed the aging process firsthand and was well-versed in it long before he and Frieda opened their office. Now, with parents in their eighties, he is acutely aware of the challenges facing seniors today.

Arthur brings a degree in economics with a secondary focus on business and finance as well as thirty years in banking to the business. He has worked with physician practice groups, hospitals, and medical schools (one of his clients rolled out one of the first Assisted Living facilities in Virginia Beach). Arthur’s experience in this arena has provided him with an appreciation for the perspectives of health care providers and clients alike.

image003He has spent the last eight years building a vast network of resources in Hillsborough County and has gained the reputation as one of the “go to people” for information on senior issues. Two of the groups he works with are the SALT Council and Better Living for Seniors.

Arthur serves as Vice Chairman of the SALT Council (Seniors and Law Enforcement Together), which is made up of representatives from area law enforcement, the West Central Area Agency on Aging (now called the Senior Connection Center) and various non-profit and other government entities supporting the senior community. The group discusses issues that affect senior citizens. Better Living for Seniors, of which Arthur is now the 2016-2017 Chairman, is focused on educating the member businesses and assisting them in their senior advocacy efforts.

CSAArthur has been a Caregiver Support Group Facilitator (with a focus on families dealing with Alzheimer’s) and is a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA). Arthur is among only a handful of Home Care business owners in Tampa who have achieved the CSA accreditation.

In addition to Arthur and Frieda, the Tampa Office is blessed with a team of experienced caring associates:

Tampa-GroupKaren Anderson – Referral Coordination

Joy Falcone – Referral Coordination

Christy Tai – Referral Coordination

Casey Moseley – Office Coordination

Jeanne Shanin – Community Liaison (East and South Hillsborough)

Pat MullarMoseley-Group-2-150x150key – RN

Josh Moseley – Recruitment

Hilda Hellwig – Community Liaison (North Hillsborough)

Sue Ellefson – Community Liaison (West Hillsborough)


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