Excellence Born from Empathy

In January of 1982, former geriatric counselor Jean Griswold received bitter news. Her husband, Presbyterian minister Dr. Lincoln Griswold informed her that an elderly woman in their parish had died because she could not fi­nd someone to help her with daily activities. Troubled by the news, Jean pressed for details. She learned that without support, the woman had stopped eating and drinking and eventually passed away from kidney failure. Jean was deeply saddened by what she felt was an easily preventable tragedy. She was driven to act.

In the 1980s, professional overnight care wasn’t commonplace yet. Older or disabled people were often on their own through the night until a family member or hired help visited in the morning. Within days of receiving the news of her parishioner’s passing, she had assembled a group of competent, caring individuals to help other older parishioners stay safe and healthy in their homes. Armed with a master’s in education and degrees in business and economics, Jean created a system to organize volunteers to stay with members of her community. That system became the seed of her life’s work: a national organization recognized as one of the oldest home care companies and one of the ­first to offer 24-hour care to disabled, elderly, or at-risk individuals.


Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1969, Jean Griswold understood that assistance must not compromise independence. Her own experience gave her a sense of empathy for individuals needing home care support, and opened her eyes to an opportunity to make a difference. 35 years later, Griswold Home Care has helped hundreds of thousands of seniors live in the place they love. Griswold Home Care is recognized as one of the oldest in-home care companies and one of the first home care companies to find caregivers who could provide 24-hour care.


Today, more than 180 Griswold Home Care locations spread Jean’s sense of empathy for the elderly and those that are disabled or recovering from injuries throughout the United States. Our company has been profiled as one of the nation’s top home care companies in Forbes, Success, and Entrepreneur magazines, and on NBC’s Today Show. Jean Griswold has received regional and national awards for her outstanding service and achievements in the field of home care for older and disabled people.


By working with Griswold Home Care, you’ll gain access to the best caregivers in the home care industry. Our service models vary by state. In some states, we refer independent caregivers while ensuring the satisfaction of our clients. In other states, we employ and supervise the caregivers directly while focusing on client needs. In every state, we’re 100% focused on quality and responsiveness. Please contact your local office to learn exactly how we can best help you and your family. If you are looking for home care services, your local office team is ready to help you find what you need. Find Care.


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