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Hello, my name is Maryanne Wright. I am the owner and director of the Volusia County office of Griswold Home Care. I first became affiliated with Griswold Home Care when I joined its registry as a caregiver in 2006.  The hours were flexible so they worked with my schedule. I had no idea how much my life was about to change…

I always kept in mind that I needed to make the people I cared for feel dignified and comfortable. I tried to demonstrate that I wanted to know who my clients were as people. What did they like to do, what did they find interesting? I was often surprised at how much I had in common with people who were up to 50 years older than I. I discovered that, while I was the caregiver, the client was the one who taught me. Through my daily interactions with clients, I found humility and patience in caring for others that I did not know was inside me. Being a caregiver, for me, became more than a stepping stone to some other vocation.

I opened my own Griswold Home Care office in 2010. It is definitely a different role to serve clients from behind a desk whom I once personally cared for, but I feel as though my hands-on experience as a caregiver offers me insight into both sides of this business. I truly understand the myriad of concerns that clients have about who will be in their homes. I have the benefit of having personally worked with many of the caregivers that I now refer, giving me sincere reassurance that every client will receive top quality care.

I learned numerous things about my own inner strength and abilities as a caregiver. I learned the importance of genuine kindness extended toward another human being and that the connection goes both ways. I became quite close to one very wonderful client, whom I truly felt was my friend. I looked forward to seeing her. To be with her was my privilege. She was eventually moved to a nursing home and her biggest worry was for her cat. She had no family and she didn’t know what would happen to him. I adopted her cat. Chester and I still live together. She was glad that Chester was in a safe home and I remember my friend fondly every time I’m greeted by her warm and sweet cat. 

As a business owner I am sensitive to the special character and reliability that good caregivers possess. My goal is to refer caregivers who deliver the best service to my clients. I lay out a realistic picture of what my business can offer and I value the relationships I have with my clients.

Registry Number: 30211232

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