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3 Tips for Finding a Job After 60

Portrait of senior businessman talking phone.More and more seniors are working beyond retirement age these days, whether out of necessity or a desire to do something meaningful and worthwhile. If you find yourself wanting or needing a job after 60, here are some tips to remember that might help you.

  • Become familiar with social media. Social media can be one of your most effective tools when it comes to job hunting. Start by creating a LinkedIn profile, and make sure you’re posting and tweeting on other sites about your job search. Not only are social media networks helpful in finding available positions, they can also connect you with past colleagues and acquaintances who might be able to aid you in your search. After all, you never know which friends have connections of their own that might be of benefit to you.
  • Brush up on your skills. Despite how much knowledge and experience you may have in your field, it’s still important to continue your education and stay up-to-speed with the latest advancements. This will make you more marketable if the time comes that you need to look for another job. So whether you decide to learn a new language or take some business or computer classes at your local library or community college, you’ll be acquiring knowledge that will give you more flexibility when it comes to finding a new job.
  • Be upfront about your age. Don’t be shy about addressing the elephant in the room: your age. Ageism is a real problem, so don’t be afraid to face it head-on by pointing out the advantages your age and experience can provide. Older workers tend to be more loyal, reliable and proud of the work they do. They crave stability and don’t have the desire to move around and try new things the way younger workers often do. And while many employers believe that older workers expect to receive the same salary they’ve worked their way up to over the years, in reality there are plenty who are more than happy to take a lower position at a lesser salary if it means they can continue doing something they enjoy and are good at.

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At Griswold Home Care of Wheat Ridge, we offer senior companion care and non-medical home care services to older adults who want to stay in the homes they love. Being a home caregiver is an extremely satisfying experience, and for the right person could be a very rewarding profession. To learn more about job opportunities with our company or the various services we provide, give us a call today at (303) 622-5585.

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