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Home Care in Atlanta, GA

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Brad and Leasa purchased the Atlanta office of Griswold Home Care from Ginger O’Shea in 2003.  After having spent nearly 20 years in consulting, traveling as much as 75% of the time, Brad was looking for an opportunity to stay closer to home, and to combine his passion for both mission and business.  In addition to staying home with three children for many years, Leasa’s passion is in helping others.  Over the past fifteen years she has provided care on volunteer basis for many families in crisis, particularly focusing on cancer patients.

Like many in the Senior Services field, Brad and Leasa’s personal experiences have had a significant role in shaping our passions to serve Atlanta’s elderly and disabled population.  Brad lost his mother to breast and lung cancer in 1987,   She died at the age of 54, after nearly a ten year battle with the disease.  Since there was little in the way of home care at that time, Brad’s mother died in the hospital, but desperately wishing she could have been at home.

Eighteen years later, Leasa also lost her mother to breast and lung cancer.  Though home care services were more widely available in 2005, she lived in a small town in Indiana, where there was little in the way of advanced care for cancer patients.  Consequently, she, too, died in the hospital, having spent months there, unable to leave.

As a result of these experiences, Brad and Leasa are committed to helping individuals stay safely in their own homes as long as they want to be there, often until their passing.  Though they now own a home care agency, they still find time to care for individuals and families on a volunteer basis, and through the Jean Griswold Foundation.

Active in his church and his community, Brad is the President of Friends of Gwinnett County Senior Services.  He is on the board of The Jackson Institute, and is an officer at Perimeter Church. Brad and Leasa have three children.

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