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Quality, Affordable In-Home Care In Your Community

At Bergen County Griswold Home Care, our focus is on our clients.  Our director, Roland and Assistant Director Bobbi have both cared for their aging parents by providing them with the flexibility, compassion, independence and dignity only a home care provider can offer.  They understand the responsibilities, the difficulties, and the joys that come along with the role of care provider, friend, and advocate. We all enjoy the gratification felt when a solid match is made between a home care client, their family and a caregiver.

Over twelve years of experience have taught us the difference we can make in the lives of individuals and families by striving to provide the best non-medical home care possible. In order to achieve this, we recruit only the most highly qualified, compassionate and capable caregivers.

The Bergen County team visits our clients at their homes regularly.  Roland is in the field with our clients on a daily basis to ensure that they not only receive the best professional care possible, but that they are thriving and happy.  Juliana, our coordinator, also ensures that every client and caregiver are well matched and  their  needs are met. Diane, our nurse is on the phone with clients not only to check on their health, but to provide some friendly conversation. When Bobbi is in the field with Roland to visit clients at home and in care centers, their service dog, Bisou, accompanies them to bring smiles to everyone’s faces.  Birthdays are special times in Bergen County.  The team brings balloons, gifts, and a unique rendering of the Happy Birthday song led by Bisou to our clients.

We understand that it takes a very special type of person to provide the variety of services and personal support required of a home care provider. All of our team members from our director, home care coordinator, nurse and caregivers take great pride in their work and find fulfillment in sharing the lives of the people for whom they care.

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