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Most Recent Posts from December, 2012

  • Holiday Check-In with Mom and Dad

    Going home for the holidays provides an opportunity to check in with your mom or dad and ensure that they are healthy, thriving, and happy. More than 7,000,000 Americans care for a loved from from a ... Read More
  • How to Handle Family Criticism During the Holidays

    You’re taking care of your elderly mother. Lately, your days seem to be an endless cycle of driving her to doctor’s appointments, buying her groceries, picking up her medications, and taking trips to ... Read More
  • Adult Failure to Thrive: Diagnosis, Symptoms, Solutions

    It’s a bewildering situation, but not an uncommon one — grandma is losing weight, is withdrawn and unresponsive, and seems depressed. The doctor’s been called, but he doesn’t know what’s wrong. After ... Read More
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