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Bathroom Safety for Seniors: 9 Tips to Prevent Injuries

Bathroom safety for seniors is very crucial, but also quite simple to do. Here are 9 tips to help your loved one avoid bathroom injuries:

  1. Install anchor grab bars in and around the shower, bathtub and toilet. Use solid screws; don’t just nail them into the drywall. Then, test them for strength and stability by grabbing onto them as if you were actually falling. They should not budge.
  2. Place non-skid mats and decals on the floor of the shower stall or bathtub, as well as on the surrounding floor.
  3. Consider placing a stool or shower chair in the shower stall. A walk-in bath may be a good option, as well.
  4. Make sure there are places to sit and take care of toiletries, such as brushing the teeth, if your loved one tires quickly.
  5. Make sure the towels, soap and shampoo are within easy reach from the shower or tub.
  6. Put nightlights or motion lighting on the path from your loved one’s bedroom to the bathroom, and even in the bathroom itself.
  7. The toilet can be modified with a raised toilet seat. A higher rising toilet can also be installed.
  8. Make sure faucets are easy to turn and clearly marked “hot” and “cold.”
  9. Remove any dangerous rugs that could cause slips and trips; replace them with anti-slip mats (especially around the shower or bathtub) or textured tile flooring.

When it comes to bathroom safety, you and your loved one cannot afford to cut any corners. A safe bathroom will give you the peace of mind that your loved one can go to the bathroom or bathe with a significantly lowered risk of injury.