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  • How to Care for a Cranky, Controlling, Manipulative Mom My mother used to stand in front of greeting card racks and weep when she read the messages inside of Mother’s Day cards. She cried because she felt sad and guilty for not loving her own mother. A lot of us buy into the “Hallmark” fantasy of happy families. We think if we ... Continue Reading
  • Diabetes in Elderly Adults: Statistics & Care Guidelines Diabetes is on the rise for adults over the age of sixty-five. In fact, elderly adults – over the age of sixty-five – are more likely to be diagnosed with diabetes than any other age group. Due to this fact, it is important to understand exactly the signs of diabetes and ... Continue Reading
  • Diabetes Care Plan & Tips For Older Adults Diabetes is on the rise in the United States in general, but adults over the age of sixty-five are more likely to develop diabetes than any other age group. Due to this fact, it is important to understand the symptoms and have a care plan in place in case an older adult in ... Continue Reading
  • Alzheimer’s Disease in 2013 – A Review of Needs and Treatment Options Recognizing National Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month As we approach Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month and National Family Caregivers Month in November, I am reminded of the following statement made by a family caregiver I was talking to a few weeks back. “I feel like I ... Continue Reading
  • Failure to Thrive in Adults: Treatment and Care Plan Very often the image of a small baby comes to mind when someone hears the term failure to thrive. However, adults — particularly older individuals — can fall into this category, as well. It is important to understand the warning signs in older adults as this can be a ... Continue Reading
  • Breast Cancer Treatment Options for Elderly Women Every woman dreads the diagnosis of breast cancer regardless of her age. Studies show that one out of eight women who reach the age of eighty in the United States will develop breast cancer at some point in her life, and half of those cases will be women between the ages of ... Continue Reading
  • Staying Healthy: Post Mastectomy Care for Older Women Studies have shown that half of all breast cancer cases occur in women between the ages of sixty-five and eighty. These cancers tend to be more aggressive forms which make them even more difficult to treat. Unfortunately, older women are not well represented in breast cancer ... Continue Reading
  • Prostate Cancer Symptoms: Fatigue & Finding the Energy to Live, Work and Play “I am a 47 year old, stage 2 prostate cancer survivor …and have bouts of fatigue. Doctors cannot figure it out and it is driving my wife crazy because I am tired most of the time. I try to exercise as much as possible and try to watch my diet, but I am still very tired.” – ... Continue Reading
  • Webinar – Living with the Challenging Symptoms of Dementia Griswold Home Care hosted a national webinar workshop on Thursday, September 26th from 4-5 PM EST entitled, Living with the Challenging Symptoms of Dementia. This solutions-based webinar included real stories and practical tips from an experienced family caregiver. Join us ... Continue Reading
  • Heart Disease & Prevention Care Plan for Older Adults Some say, “Home is where the heart is.” If that’s the case, then it’s important to keep your heart healthy. Heart disease isn’t inevitable for older adults. Certainly, there can be genetic factors, but with a good diet, exercise program and prevention care plan, older adults ... Continue Reading
  • Cold & Flu Prevention Tips for Elderly Adults Getting a cold or — even worse — the flu is a miserable inconvenience for anyone. For an older adult, the outcome can be worse than a few missed days at work or the inability to enjoy one’s activities, it can be much more serious. According to the Centers for Disease Control ... Continue Reading
  • Fall Prevention in the Elderly at Home Elderly falls not only bring the risk of physical trauma, but psychological trauma, as well. While falls in the elderly can lead to serious injury, even the fear of falling can have a subtle impact on quality of life. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC): 1 out ... Continue Reading
  • Surprise Your Older Relative with a Beautified Wheelchair! When someone you love becomes confined to a wheelchair, the struggle can be more than just physical. Loss of mobility and a wheelchair’s hard, cold appearance and association with sickness can take a major psychological toll on your loved one. July is National Wheelchair ... Continue Reading
  • Elderly and Sun Exposure: Skin Protection for Elderly Adults We’ve all heard that protecting skin from the sun will help prevent it from aging. But if you’re already older, is there any point to worrying about sun damage? Since July is UV Safety Month (not to mention a time when we’re all enjoying the early summer sun!), this is a ... Continue Reading
  • Skin Cancer in the Elderly Skin cancer is on the rise among older adults, according to the American Cancer Society. More adults over age 55 than ever before are being diagnosed with melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin cancer. Experts think that this may be due to the increased use of tanning ... Continue Reading
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