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Most Recent Posts from July, 2013

  • Fall Prevention in the Elderly at Home

    Elderly falls not only bring the risk of physical trauma, but psychological trauma, as well. While falls in the elderly can lead to serious injury, even the fear of falling can have a subtle impact on ... Read More
  • Surprise Your Older Relative with a Beautified Wheelchair!

    When someone you love becomes confined to a wheelchair, the struggle can be more than just physical. Loss of mobility and a wheelchair’s hard, cold appearance and association with sickness can take a ... Read More
  • Elderly and Sun Exposure: Skin Protection for Elderly Adults

    We’ve all heard that protecting skin from the sun will help prevent it from aging. But if you’re already older, is there any point to worrying about sun damage? Since July is UV Safety Month (not to ... Read More
  • Skin Cancer in the Elderly

    Skin cancer is on the rise among older adults, according to the American Cancer Society. More adults over age 55 than ever before are being diagnosed with melanoma, the most dangerous form of skin ... Read More