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Bathroom Safety Equipment and Products for the Elderly

Keeping your loved ones safe starts at home; creating a living environment that is focused on protecting them from harm will alleviate your concerns about their well-being and prevent accidents. A slip or fall may not be life-threatening for a younger person, but it can render an elderly individual unable to move. This is particularly important if they have other health problems that could be negatively impacted by a fall. If they are living alone, you want to make sure they can contact emergency medical services in the event that something bad happens.

Accidents occur in bathrooms more so than any other place. Wet shower stalls and slippery floors are hazards that should be avoided at all costs. Since many elderly people require assistance getting in and out of the bathtub, outfitting the space with designated safety products is a must. Items such as walk-in tubs and raised toilet seats can help your loved one maintain an independent lifestyle while, at the same time, setting your mind at ease about their physical health.

There are a wealth of bathroom safety products made specifically to assist the elderly. If you are your loved one’s primary caregiver, the best thing you can do for your family member is address the situation in a comprehensive manner. The safer the space is, the far less likely you will have to deal with an emergency.

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Top bathroom safety products for elderly individuals

  • Grab bars – These sturdy metal bars can be installed in the shower, over the bathtub or next to the toilet. They can provide a durable source of stability. Remember, simple tasks like taking a shower or going to the bathroom are challenges for many elderly people, so devices like grab bars make the process easier and less physically taxing
  • Walk-in tubs – For the mobility-impaired and those who rely on wheelchairs to get around, getting in and out of a traditional bathtub is virtually impossible. Specialty, walk-in models allow for easy access. They feature hinged doors, safety handles and slightly declined entries (to prevent water from spilling out) that are designed to make the bathing experience as easy as possible for the elderly. Many models also include built-in heaters that maintain ideal water temperature, massage jets that soothe aching muscles and other accessories that help create a serene experience.
  • Custom shower heads – One of the most important characteristics of any shower is its ability to produce a steady stream of water. Quality hand-held shower heads keep the elderly from having to unsafely extend their reach, and come with an array of beneficial features. A long hose for added reach for those with limited mobility, durable material that will not clog or become corroded, and height-adjustments can all be found on shower heads made for the elderly.

Do not wait for an accident to happen before deciding to buy these products. They will help your loved one stay safe and give you the peace of mind knowing that they are.