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Most Recent Posts from March, 2014

  • Diet Restrictions & Considerations for Older Adults

    Just as our bodies change as we age, so do our nutritional requirements. Some foods become more important for our health because they supply adequate vitamins and minerals needed for healthy immune ... Read More
  • Sleep Apnea in the Elderly

    Do you or a loved suffer from lethargy and feelings of restlessness? A busy lifestyle is enough to make anyone feel sluggish and tired at the end of the day, but an excessive loss of energy could ... Read More
  • Elderly Sleep Disorders: From Not Sleeping At Night To Sleeping All Day

    After my father suffered a debilitating stroke, my mother had to made a lot of changes in her routine to accommodate his needs. However, there were a few things she was not willing to sacrifice. In ... Read More
  • Healthy Eating for Seniors

    You already know that a good diet plays a vital role in your physical and mental development, but did you know that the human body’s nutritional needs change as it ages? What is considered healthy ... Read More
  • Sleep Habits in Elderly Adults

    No one is quite sure why humans have a natural need to sleep, though there have been countless studies performed on the subject. Most doctors and scientific research experts agree that sleep is an ... Read More