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Private Caregivers for Elderly Adults in Nursing Homes and Assisted Living Facilities

When an aging parent resides in a nursing care community, hospice house or an assisted living center, adult children often find themselves wishing they could be with their parent around the clock. It might be because their parent’s assisted living home doesn’t provide twenty-four hour care, or when they live in a group home they may still need additional personal care assistance a few hours a week. For these reasons, and more, additional support can be provided by private caregivers for elderly adults in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

What does a caregiver do in a nursing home or assisted living facility?

Families of an elderly loved one can inquire about a private caregiver to help in many situations. Here are just a few.

  • For safety reasons, when a senior with dementia is hospitalized and needs someone with them around the clock in their hospital room or memory care facility.
  • To provide care, services, and support for a person in a senior living community who has a terminal illness. A private caregiver can be there when their hospice nurse isn’t.
  • To check in on an older adult who lives in a nursing home to make certain their needs are being met and they have the one-on-one time they need.
  • To assist with unpacking and settling in as a senior is transitioning from their private residence to an independent living facility or retirement community.
  • If a senior is in a skilled nursing and rehabilitation center recovering from an illness or surgery, a caregiver can be there to help provide a higher level of support with personal care needs.
  • When an adult child lives out of town and wants an aging loved one who lives in assisted living to have a little extra care and support on a routine basis.
  • For older adults in group homes with limited life enrichment programming, caregivers can accompany them on walks, take them shopping and spend one-on-one time playing games and completing projects.
  • When a senior needs overnight care and lives in a care community or group home setting that doesn’t provide service during night time hours.

Whatever the setting, private caregivers can be a good solution for peace of mind. The patient benefits from receiving additional attention, while the family gains comfort in knowing that their loved has all the support they need.