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The Best Road Trips to Take with Senior Parents

The best road trips aren’t only about the destination, it’s also the quality time you spend laughing, sharing, and creating memories. This favorite American pastime doesn’t have to end now that you have senior parents. In fact what better way to get everyone together for quality time? Read about three road trips options you and your family can take from anywhere in the country, and gain some helpful hints for senior travel.

Option 1: The Day Trip

Road trips where you travel and return home the same day may be the best option when you have a parent with limited mobility or certain medical needs. Think of that nearby destination that you’ve just never gotten to.  If you live in Philadelphia for example, the Inner Harbor of Baltimore is just under two hours away! Wherever you may live, chances are, you have a neighboring city that’s perfect for a day visit. If you stick with major thoroughfares like I-95 or Hwy 101, you’ll have the added benefit of numerous visitor’s centers that make for easy food and restroom breaks.

Helpful Hint: Don’t forget that travelling at the right time can be critical to a successful trip. Driving too early, too late, or for too long could create stress for you or your parents. Find a schedule that works for the entire family, this will make the whole trip more comfortable for everyone!

Option 2: The Weekend Getaway

If your senior parent can handle more than a day trip, then a great senior trip idea could be a weekend vacation several hours away from home. Think places like Big Sur, the Pocono Mountains, or the Florida Keys. Not only are drives to rural areas relaxing, but destinations like these often offer great activities and accommodations suitable for seniors. You can go for a hike, visit a spa, or simply enjoy a nice meal. This can be especially helpful if you happen to be travelling with your kids and your parents – everyone can find the activity to suit their interest.

Helpful Hint: If dietary restrictions are a concern for your elderly parent, you may want to spend some preparation time looking destinations with suitable restaurants or perhaps even hotels with small kitchens so you can prepare food yourself.

Option 3: The Scenic Road Trip

If you have a lot of time to dedicate to a trip, and a very active senior parent then you can really explore America. Road trips that last for days are ideal for a RV, where you’ll have space and some of the amenities of home. Plus you can find fun senior friendly RV resorts across the country. Pick the nearest transcontinental highway I-10, I-40, I-80 and I-90 and go as far as your heart’s desire!

Helpful Hint: When planning long trips don’t forget to have medications accounted for, healthy eating options and downtime, so that you all stay refreshed and happy while you have an amazing family road trip!

Could you imagine taking these trips with your family?