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Most Recent Posts from December, 2015

  • The Dynamics of Caregiver and Senior Relationships

    The relationship between seniors and caregivers is a unique one; it relies on mutual trust and respect. It is not simply about caring for an individual by assisting them with ADLs, but about building ... Read More
  • Sex & Seniors: Who Says They Can’t Get No Satisfaction?

    The sexual revolution might have started in the 1960s (and it arguably continues today), but there is one demographic that’s been completely shut out: seniors. We still don’t talk about senior ... Read More
  • Debunking the Grumpy Old People Stereotype

    Many people stereotype older adults as “grumpy,” particularly older men. We hear about an older person being irritable and think “Ah, well, she’s older.” As if that’s somehow an explanation based ... Read More
  • Grandma Moses Would Approve: How Art Benefits Seniors

    Creating and appreciating art can be of the most fulfilling parts of the human experience. Practicing the arts has been proven to be particularly valuable for the elderly, who may find art to be a ... Read More
  • How to Combat Loneliness for Seniors During the Holidays

    During the holiday season it can be hard for anyone, including seniors, to acknowledge their feelings of loneliness and isolation. For some individuals it may seem as though they are alone in being at ... Read More
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