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Most Recent Posts from May, 2015

  • Who Will Care For You When You’re Old?

    I read an article in the Daily Mail about Juan Qi, a lonely 75-year-old man who ran a newspaper ad seeking an adoptive family . He was offering his pension in exchange for companionship. He said he ... Read More
  • 3 Great Exercises for Seniors Who Suffer from Joint Pain

    As we get older, it can be realistic that you will have pain in a part of your body that you will have to live with or get treatment for. Many seniors can suffer from arthritis, a common condition ... Read More
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s): Questions to Ask

    As we get older, we lose the ability to do many of the activities that we enjoyed in our youth. Today, approximately 75% of elderly individuals over the age of 75 have their activities limited due to ... Read More
  • What to Eat After a Stroke: Diets to Reduce Stroke Risk

    There are no good strokes, but the best stroke is the one that never happens. Of course, sometimes that’s not an option. As older adults have a greater risk of strokes , it is important for them to do ... Read More
  • Famous People with ALS: 3 Inspiring Stories

    Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, better known as ALS, has received a lot of media attention as of late. The Ice Bucket Challenge that swept the nation was designed to not only raise money for ALS ... Read More
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