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Happy Thanksgiving 2015 from Griswold Home Care

Whatever your thoughts on the historical connotations of Thanksgiving, the celebration has given us one great practice: reflecting on the blessings in our life. At Griswold Home Care, we have a lot to be thankful for, but we narrowed it down to our top three.

  1. The Griswold Home Care Team

We speak from experience, because we know them all! Every single director of a Griswold Home Care location joined the organization because they have a very personal mission to help older or disabled adults. Every one of them has a story to share. Griswold Home Care may not be a non-profit, but with people like this in our organization, we certainly think like one.

  1. Anyone Who Donates to the Griswold Cares Foundation

One of our favorite things about Griswold Home Care is our non-profit arm, the Griswold Cares Foundation. We established the Foundation to further the company’s belief that care for the elderly and disabled should be available to everyone and anyone who needs help. Every year the Foundation gives grant donations to disabled or low-income older adults to help them get the support they need.If you’ve donated to the Griswold Cares Foundation in the past, or will in the future, we’re very thankful for you!

  1. The Families Who Trust Us With Their Loved Ones

Asking for help is not easy, especially for family caregivers. They’re often the pillar of strength in their family, and it can be difficult to allow someone else — even a qualified someone else, to jump in and help. It’s just as difficult for family members who live far away from their loved ones. We’re thankful every day for their wisdom, their trust, and their open hearts in allowing us to join them in supporting their older family members.