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Most Recent Posts from October, 2015

  • How Senior Sports Leagues Benefit Older Adults

    There is no doubt that many senior citizens live very active lives. Entering the golden years and beyond, seniors have consistently proven that retirement is not a static experience, but one in which ... Read More
  • Common Misconceptions About Aging & the Seniors Who Defy the Stereotypes

    At first glance, the plague of ageism might not seem like a serious problem, but it actually contributes to a number of false assumptions about seniors and the aging process that can end up causing ... Read More
  • Seniors and Voting: Trends & Issues That Matter to Them

    As the race for President heats up again, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at the role our seniors play in elections. How do they vote? What motivates them to stay involved? How much ... Read More
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